$5000 Pita



In early 2007 due to a clerical error, the Pita Pit charged a customer $5000 for a pita. This may very well be another world record for most expensive pita.

The following is the post on DavisWiki about the incident, understandably still irate about a multi-thousand dollar charge for a late night meal:

Imagine the horrible sinking feeling of the staff that night when they balanced the registers. Something of the scene of "Oh, crap, we messed up" among the late night shift is captured in the reply (along with an apology):


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2007-04-07 21:40:11   Technically, it's not a 5000$ pita but rather a 5000$ tip. Does this need its own page? Pretty soon, every sidewalk crack in Davis is going to have its own page. It will probably be called the Davis Sidewalk Crack Project. —KaiTing

2007-04-08 07:45:04   If I was the owner of an establishment that made that big of a mistake (mistakes happen; that's not the issue) I would have resolved it then, not the next morning... —WesHardaker

2007-04-09 11:42:25   As it would turn out, this being Davis I know the guy who actually made the 5 Grand slip, I will bust out my wiki press pass and interview him. —StevenDaubert

2008-08-02 00:46:05   I've officially lost all respect for Jabberwock and StevenDaubert. They're obviously so weak and ineffectual they feel compelled to defend the clear bad guy and try to mitigate incompetence. Find a clue and actually read the original post! The original poster said the store knew of the mistake for 3 days and did nothing. How does 'calm and clear communication' help that situation? —davisGeek

2008-08-20 00:08:25   As usual Steven, your beat-around the bush style and mindless formulaism seek to obscure rather than clarify. You don't address the pita pit with-holding payment TO the bank, which is the second part of the complaint, which is possibly why the victim/customer had to address matters himself and is so pissed. Balance is not the truth, the truth is the truth, and the truth hurts! —davisGeek

2008-11-13 22:39:00   Alright boys- I'm back. 1) awesome page. 2) Let's get this straight. What the pita night crew claims is total bullshit. I did leave an original tip to the transaction, for one dollar. The pita pit said to me that the cause of the charge was that during the after-close fun of cards with tips (my total was $7.14) they forgot to press enter after punching in the previous amount (for exactly $5.00), and then entered in my total, ran my card number, and pressed enter. This jibberish about me tipping 5 Large is exactly that: jibberish. 3) After being informed by a helpful dude behind the counter that I was there and that I was pissed and that her store had ganked 5 Large from my accts, the manager at the time, a middle aged woman, did not really care to get up from her drink at Soga's to come fix this problem until I threatened to get the Sheriff to come and arrest her for grand theft. It's basically an empty threat but when somebody empties your bank account, sorry friend, I am not going to be calm and communicate about my feelings. 4) I am fully sensitive to the plight of the man behind the counter. But again, you have to show great passion sometimes to knock people out of their passivity. I wanted my money back, ASAP. If youre not going to get heated then, you're a total bend-over-and-take-it-bitch. Not I, said the fly. 5) yes. that shit went through and Wells Fargo had to scratch at the friggin bank of the Pita Pit to give up the money. 6) it's been what, two years since this happened, and I have yet to set a single toe back inside the Pita Pit since.

I'm pretty sure I know who that manager was, she had given me terrible service before a couple times... —StevenDaubert

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