113 Orchard


113orchard.jpgAll that remained of the orchard was a pile of felled trees

113orchardgoogle.jpgAn aerial view of the former orchard provided by and Copyright [WWW]Google

The 113 Orchard was an orchard [WWW]located immediately west of Highway 113, and south of Russell Boulevard, where West Village is planned to be built. Removal of the trees started on the morning of December 16th, 2008 and ended on the morning of December 19th.

Memories of Arboreal Bliss

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2010-01-30 19:10:38   I used to bike home past this orchard almost every day for three years while at Davis. One day I stopped and took a [WWW]photo at dusk. I posted it on my website (along with other Davis pics) to show just how beautiful Davis is. —AliPezeshkpour

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