2006 City Council Election


The Davis City Council Election was June 6th, 2006. Two seats were available in the election.

The victors were Ruth Asmundson and, in a victory for the student vote, Lamar Heystek. Ms. Asmundson won the most votes. Measure G passed. Jeff Reisig was elected for the Yolo County DA and Joel Butler for the Yolo County Assessor.

See June 2006 Primary Election for information on the exact results.

2006 City Council Elections
Preceded by: 2004 City Council Election
Followed by: 2008 City Council Election


Davis City Council (2 seats)
  Votes Percent
Ruth Asmundson 6,751 24.52% #1
Lamar Heystek 6,628 23.07% #2
Mike Levy 6,351 23.07% #3
Stan Forbes 6,283 22.82% #4
Rob Roy 1,517 5.51% #5


Bob Hagedorn ([WWW]website) had announced he was running, but [WWW]pulled out of the race on March 8th.

Students who live in campus-proper (e.g. not Cuarto/Castilian Hall area) cannot register to vote in Davis as UC Davis is not technically a part of the city of Davis.


[WWW]Candidate Economic Interest Disclosures and Campaign Finance Filings are available from [WWW]DCN.

Several [WWW]DCTV Voter Education Programs, including the League of Women Voters City Council Candidate Forum and the Diversity Coalition Forum for Davis City Council and Yolo County District Attorney Candidates are now online as webcasts.

We collectively wrote questions to ask the candidates, as well.

March 20th Candidate Forum

On Monday March 20 the first Candidate Forum was held at 7pm at the Community Chambers.

citycouncil.jpgfrom left: Rob Roy, Mike Levy, Stan Forbes, Lamar Heystek, Ruth Asmundson

Six preselected and four audience generated questions were answered by the candidates. The short forms of the first six questions and paraphrased summaries of each candidates answers follow:

  1. Do you support the building of the proposed Target store at Second Street.

  2. University Village and City relationship with University.

  3. Relationships between City Council and the 27 Commissions.

  4. Fiscal Stability, does the City have a spending problem?

  5. How do you feel about Measure J and its recent use in Measure X?

  6. Your take on bike and pedestrian traffic.

  7. How do you feel about district elections or Choice Voting in Davis?


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2006-01-27 02:50:35   I've seen Lamar and Rob do karaoke, but never Ruth or Stan, unless they use cunning disguses and secret stage names. An interesting election indeed. —JaimeRaba

2006-01-27 08:14:03   I don't know about Stan, but based on what I've observed of Ruth, I don't want her on City Council again. She is grumpy and not very imaginative. —KenjiYamada

2006-01-30 22:18:36   Davis probably could change its election rule to permit Davis students who have Davis addresses vote regardless of whether they live in Davis territory or not... if they wanted to. —JaimeRaba

2006-03-10 22:44:28   It would be nice if the candidate websites actually had information on them. The exception being Rob's which has detailed information on it. Michael Levy's is just annoying because he has the most vague statements about his plans for the city. "A balanced budget that supports the services that make Davis special." How incredibly informative!! —JonathonLeathers

2006-03-21 00:35:12   Favorite quote from March 20 Forum: "BMX bicycles! The wave of the future!" - Rob Roy —SharlaDaly

2006-03-21 14:36:49   I think everyone should vote for both Lamar and Rob; platforms aside, I think it's important to shake up city council and show that elected local government isn't just for a select caste of Davisites. —JaimeRaba

2006-03-22 15:59:03   I would like to say that the nature of the question of choice voting messed me up. I think choice voting would be the best option. The argument for district elections is the cost of the campaign but someone can run a cleverly cheap campaign with choice voting and win a seat as the underdog. It is the best form of voting and Davis is too diversely drawn up for district elections to show a distinct difference of candidates coming from different districts. —RobRoy

2006-04-06 14:16:07   Mike Levy as quoted in the Aggie 4/6/06: "Furthermore, he said he envisions a city where Parent Teacher Associations and Little League programs are staffed by parents." Huh? Last time I checked these private, non-city organizations were ONLY staffed by parents. —SharlaDaly

"2006-04-12 16:32" Text of letter in Davis Enterprise, 4/07/06:

Meek and Droop for City Council

When electing a City Council (or Board of Education), Davis uses rules, namely, plurality-takes-all, that allow seats won to be grossly disproportional to voter support.

In the Palestinian election of Jan. 25, those rules allowed all five winners in North Gaza to be Hamas candidates even though Hamas received merely 47 percent of the votes there.

A better system is available. Australia has used it for decades and, locally, the ASUCD uses it. The system has several names, the one I like best being "Meek's procedure" (after Brian Meek, a contemporary English mathematician who, in 1969, ironed out some computational wrinkles). With Meek's procedure, the ballot invites a voter, by marking 1, 2, 3, etc., to rank the candidates — any number of them — in order of preference.

Here is how candidates will fare if we adopt Meek's procedure:

This relation of seats won to voter support seems appropriate and fair. The relation — known as "Droop proportionality" (after Henry Droop, 1831-84, an English mathematician who provided some key formulas) — is the primary benefit of Meek's procedure. But, in addition, strategic nominating and strategic voting are likely to become both less frequent and less effective.

—Stephen H. Sosnick

2006-06-14 17:57:05   No indication how many are Davis votes. —SharlaDaly

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