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Voter Information Guide
[WWW]California, Official
[WWW]Davis candidate statements, unofficial but seems to match EC 13307
Election Results
[WWW]California, Official
[WWW]Yolo (and Davis), Offical

The California Statewide Direct Primary Election (including the 2010 City Council Election) was held on 2010-06-08. Two seats, currently held by Mayor Ruth Asmundson, and Lamar Heystek, were open in this election, since both incumbents decided against running for re-election. Ruth Asmundson announced her retirement after two terms on the Davis City Council and two terms on the School Board. Lamar Heystek announced that he would not run for re-election so that he can focus on starting a family. The ballot also contained local measures, county offices, state offices and state initiatives.

Students who live in campus-proper (e.g. not Cuarto/Castilian Hall area) are not eligible to vote in city elections as UC Davis is not technically a part of the City of Davis.

For more insight into the candidates' views, you can visit the Davis College Democrats page and view all of their responses (regardless of party) to the 2010 City Council Candidates Questionnaire.

2010 City Council Elections
Preceded by: 2008 City Council Election
Followed by: 2012 City Council Election

City Council

Official final [WWW]returns, released June 18, 2010, 12:51 PM
Names marked in bold were elected to a position.

Candidate Website Results
Joe Krovoza [WWW]JoeForCityCouncil.org 37.7% with 8,696 votes
Rochelle Swanson [WWW]RochelleForDavis.org 27.9% with 6,428 votes
Sydney Vergis [WWW]SydneyVergis.com 23.4% with 5,401 votes
Jon Li 2010 Campaign Statement 6.0% with 1,379 votes
Daniel Watts [WWW]VoteWatts.com 5.1% with 1,165 votes

Note: Percentages in the table reflect the percentage of total votes cast, not percentage of voters who cast a vote for a particular candidate.

Turnout: 14,651 of 38,660 Registered Voters (37.9%)

Also on the Ballot

Local Measures

See the pages for each measure for details on the vote.

County Supervisor, District 2

Candidate Website Results
Don Saylor [WWW]DCN.org/Saylor 100.0% with 3,442 votes*

* Note that is noticeably less than the total number of people voting from District 2 (the [WWW]Vanguard estimates 3442 out of 5343, or 64%). Bob Dunning said (as a joke, presumably) that people should write him in; he reported in his column in The Davis Enterprise that a number of people say they did just that. However, unofficial write-ins — and people who simply fail to vote in a given race at all — are not counted. Thus, "100%."

Don Saylor ran unopposed.

Statewide Offices

Statewide Propositions


News Coverage

Live Election Night Coverage

Started at June 8 at 8:00PM, right after the polls close, on DCTV cable channel 15, on the radio at 95.7 fm KDRT and online at [WWW]http://kdrt.org (click listen now). Guests included all candidates, outgoing City Council Members, and more.

Major Endorsements


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2010-03-20 21:13:36   So it is now official (deadlines have passed) Davis voters: we have our five candidates for CC in 2010.

As the former co-chairman of the No on P campaign (a campaign that won 75% of the vote against a well-financed out-of-town development company, Parlin, which outspent us over $100 to $1 and hired local political operatives like Bill Ritter and Maynard Skinner), I encourage all Davis residents who consider yourselves truly "slow-growth" to ask the following questions of these five candidates, whether it be in person, via their websites, or in public forums, like the April 6th Chamber of Commerce debate:

  1. Are your receiving any political contributions from developers, either local (i.e John Whitcombe) or out-of-town?

  2. If so, will you disclose these contributions if you are elected to the Council and the next Measure J (soon to be Measure R) proposed development comes before the Council for a vote (i.e. Covell Village II-Senior City Housing Project)?

  3. What are your views, in general for Davis growth: should it be on peripheral, existing open ag-land spaces, or should we truly try to develop more true "in-fill" sites, closer to downtown and UC Davis jobs/retail?

I, for one, will be encouraging all No on P supporters to "BULLET VOTE" (i.e. mark only one vote on the list of CC candidates for Joe Krovoza, a candidate who has not accepted any monies from developers) for KROVOZA; this may ensure he will become Mayor Pro-Temp, and become Mayor when Don Saylor leaves us for Woodland (can't wait for that time!)

I welcome your comments, and please remember to vote in this election.

Greg Sokolov —GregSokolov

Greg - Since you wrote this comment over two months ago, do you still feel the same way? I'm wondering what you're thinking about Joe K's very [WWW]frank and forthright admission (which I really admire, the guy is a class act) that he voted for Measure X and would probably support future development at Covell/Pole Line? Also, how about the fact that Rochelle Swanson is the only candidate who voted against Measure X? Or that EVERY candidate supports Measure R (the Measure J renewal)?

Personally, I just don't think that peripheral development is an issue in this race. I'm more interested in fiscal responsibility and the ability of our new council members to create a more civil environment. Bullet voting, especially for the reasons you mentioned, doesn't seem very effective to me. —KemblePope

2010-05-24 17:47:14   Does anyone know of any scientific polling done on our local measures? I anticipate that they both pass, but am curious as to the sentiment among the polled electorate. —RocksandDirt

2010-05-28 16:47:16   Kemble: Two months since my original post, I have thought more about the CC election, and have decided to vote for Krovoza and Swanson; I think they are the best choices we have in this election for Davis' future and clearly either one is a step above Syndey Vergis, who in my opinion, is nothing more than a younger version of Ruth Asmundson, highly connected to the local political establishment, funded by developers and firefighters money.

I have met with Joe Krovoza, and he candidly did tell us about his support for Covell Village back in 2006, but also reported that now, as a CC member, he would look at any peripheral development with a much different perspective, and re-iterated his support for more centralized planning near the core downtown area.

I strongly disagree with your statement that "peripheral development" is not at issue in this election; for many Davis voters, peripheral development will ALWAYS be an issue in local elections, as long as there are open land spaces and greedy developers around!!!!

Greg —GregSokolov

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