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This page is for discussing the contents of 2010 City Council Election.

I am trying to figure out the logic of the wiki naming conventions... when there is a City Council election, we name the page "<Year> City Council Election" (even though there are other things on the ballot), but for other elections, we name the page "<Month> <Year> Election." Is that right? Seems a bit odd to me, but I'll go with it... and if there is a reason, I'll feel better if I hear it. —CovertProfessor

Proposed Formats

Format A - ["2010-03 Election"] — Less common, but used on internet and wiki.

Format B - ["2010 March Election"] — Does not line up, odd phrasing

Format C - ["March 2010 Election"] — Common phrasing, does not line up, does not sort easily

Format D - ["2010 Election"] — Needs a disambiguation for multiple elections in a single year (how common?)

Choice Tallied Opinions

Need to be linked


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2012-06-01 21:25:31   Move to end discussion without further action, unless any interested parties wish to provide further input. —jefftolentino

2012-06-01 21:26:18   Some renaming of pages is probably in order. —CovertProfessor

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