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2012 City Council Elections
Preceded by: 2010 City Council Election
Followed by: November 2012 Presidential Election

City Council


The following individuals have announced their candidacy for City Council:
Lucas Frerichs
Sue Greenwald
Brett Lee
Abe Matsui
Stephen Souza
Dan Wolk

2012 CC Results 2.jpg

[WWW]Official results here from the Yolo County Elections Division are in.

Early returns suggested DW would win easily — and indeed he did, taking first place in every single precinct. With 19.4% counted at 10:49 PM on the evening of the 6th, LF was next, followed by BL. SS and SG were and neck. But other than DW who seemed a shoe-in (no surprise there) Davis went to bed with the election up in the air. Looked like Measure D and Prop 28 would both win easily.

Candidate Results Website
Dan Wolk 29.0% with 10,212 votes -
Lucas H. Frerichs 19.4% with 6,850 votes -
Brett Lee 18.0% with 6,355 votes -
Sue Greenwald 17.2% with 6,074 votes -
Stephen Souza 16.3% with 5,736 votes -

Since Dan Wolk garnered the most votes, he will be our next mayor (beginning in 2014).

Voter turnout was 12,645 of 33,355 Registered Voters (37.9%). It was lower than the turnout for the March 2012's Measure C, which is a little surprising. On the one hand, Measure C was a mail-in only ballot, but on the other hand, Davisites usually turn out for City Council elections (not to mention the other important issues on the ballot).

All in all, a bad night for incumbents, with the notable exception of appointed councilmember Dan Wolk; he now receives the blessing of over two-thirds of voters to continue on the City Council.

Major Endorsements

These are endorsements from newspapers that cover Davis, major Davis organizations, elected officials who currently represent Davis, and a tally of volunteers who currently serve on Davis commissions.

The Davis Enterprise endorsed Sue Greenwald, Brett Lee, and Dan Wolk.

The Sacramento Bee endorsed Lucas Frerichs, Stephen Souza, and Dan Wolk.

The Davis ChamberPAC endorsed Lucas Frerichs, Stephen Souza, and Dan Wolk.

The five current members of the Davis Board of Education unanimously endorsed Lucas Frerichs, Stephen Souza, and Dan Wolk.

Mariko Yamada, the State Assembly representative for Davis, endorsed Lucas Frerichs, Stephen Souza, and Dan Wolk.

Lois Wolk, the State Senate representative for Davis, endorsed her son Dan Wolk only.

Yolo County Supervisors Mike McGowan and Don Saylor endorsed Lucas Frerichs, Stephen Souza, and Dan Wolk.

Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza endorsed Brett Lee, Stephen Souza, and Dan Wolk.

Yolo County Supervisor Matt Rexroad endorsed Stephen Souza only.

Stephen Souza lists endorsements from 30 current members of Davis city commissions; Dan Wolk lists 28 such endorsements; and Lucas Frerichs lists 19 such endorsements. Brett Lee has not broken out endorsements from city commissioners, but he has at least 2 such endorsements. Sue Greenwald has not yet listed endorsements on her campaign site, but her campaign materials list several commissioners.

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Statewide Offices

Statewide Propositions


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