236 3rd street


summer2010.jpgSummer 2009 236 3rd Street is located between B street and University Avenue, basically across the street from Sam's Mediterranean Cuisine. It is two stories and has a basement. There is a private backyard and detached garage unit that historically has been used as a habitation. The master bedroom is upstairs and looks down onto 3rd street. There is second bedroom upstairs, a bedroom/study downstairs and a large living room and dining room. The front yard was a great place to watch the Picnic Day Parade before a picket fence went up in early 2012. The owners of the property operate through the 232 University LLC and also own the three surrounding houses and the building used by Off Campus Books.

It is currently the site of Double Decker Day School.


back.jpgBack yard 2009

diningroom.jpgDining Room 2009 kitchen.jpgKitchen 2009 maverick.jpgMaverick caused trouble here from 2009-2011 chicken.jpgCoop built in late 2011

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