2nd Street

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2nd_sign.jpg town_2ndSt.jpg2nd & K Streets—taken in 2005—after the vintage "K STREET" street sign was stolen, but before the vintage "SECOND ST" sign was stolen :-P

2nd Street can be a really confusing street. From the west it starts on A street (at the University Farm Gate), continuing eastward through downtown until it dead ends at the train station. To pick it up again, you need to go north on H Street, hang a right on 3rd Street, and make a right on L Street. After a few hundred feet, L street bends to the left at the L and 2nd Garden — this bend is the eastward continuation of 2nd Street. A short section exists as an access road along the train tracks from J St. almost all the way to L St.

At the East end of town (Mace Boulevard/County Road 104) 2nd Street turns into County Road 32A and extends as far east as the Yolo Bypass Channel. At County Road 105 it crosses the Railroad Tracks and a little further east it transitions from a worn out asphalt county road to the well-engineered concrete roadway of Old US 40.

2nd Street was formerly known as 1st Street.

During the fall of 2010 and spring 2011, 2nd Street from C St. to F St. is getting some [WWW]modern enhancements. This will include painting of shared use lane markings (aka "sharrows").

biz_pasta.jpgA popular restaurant location, now occupied by Tres Hermanas but formerly Pasta?. sits at the intersection of 2nd & H Streets 2nd_street_train.jpgSecond Street parallels the train tracks for awhile. Featured is a rare [wikipedia]EMD SD90MAC—never common in Davis, extremely rare in 2005

Businesses and points of interest on 2nd Street include the following, from west to east:

A Street

B Street

C Street

D Street

E Street

F Street

G Street

H Street

J Street

K Street

L Street

Kendall Way

Pole Line Road crosses over

Cantrill Drive

Peña Drive

Cousteau Place

Faraday Avenue

Mace Boulevard

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