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Do not refer to the night employee as rootbeer (he is always muggin'), he will a) threaten you with physical violence, and b) threaten you with the silent alarm. --["Users/StevenDaubert"]
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''2007-06-15 17:49:27'' [[nbsp]] I went to get a slurpee a friend today. My friend thought the guy said $1.29 instead of $1.39, so he gave him $1.30. Then the cashier slammed the coins on the counter and said, "Hey!" giving us a really dirty look. We apologized, but he was extremely rude even after we gave another dime. --["Users/JonasMari"]
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''2007-07-01 22:54:43'' [[nbsp]] I saw tons of pictures on www.flickr.com of 7-Eleven stores being converted into Kwik-E-Marts from The Simpsons! They look so cool! They should do the Davis store too!--["Users/Jedron"]
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''2007-07-11 20:34:29'' [[nbsp]] i went to get free slurpies today and the guy was really unhappy I wanted seconds, but the first time I poured it was all cherry and it's a small cup and I wanted to try the other flavors and I got more, but they kinda asked us to leave. --["Users/PxlAted"]
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Also, appreciate the very old (1960s? 70s?) font on the sign on the building--it's slanted forward and slopes upwards. And the "7" itself is a bit more robust. The old-style sign, the lack of gas pumps, and the classic car wash across the street give it a vintage feel rarely experienced when shopping at a 7-11. --["Users/TedBuehler"]
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''2011-04-15 01:31:25'' [[nbsp]] Is it just me or can no one else understand what the heck the cashier says? Every I pay for my slurpee, I just smile and nod when he talks to me because I can't decipher his thick accent! --["Users/HermanChan"]
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''2011-07-12 01:23:26'' [[nbsp]] After walking in post 'Free Slurpee Day' all I can say is some people are disgusting, greedy slobs. There was such a mess it was utterly ridiculous... The staff was cleaning for almost two hours trying to recover from the insanity. --["Users/Wes-P"]
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''2012-07-28 10:16:29'' [[nbsp]] I just went into the store, they remodeled and its looking great now plus there's new staff. They're also giving out free small slurpees! --["Users/SoupJill"]


525 L Street (between Aggie Liquor and the Davis Korean Church)

7-Eleven is a convenience store just like every other 7-Eleven from Kathmandu to Kentucky! They offer all kinds of sundries from tampons to Ben & Jerry's ice cream, snacks, sandwiches, hot dogs, beer, & smokes. They are most widely known for their Slurpees (frozen soft drinks). The store also has a soda fountain. There really is a 7-Eleven in Kathmandu as well as in Bangkok. When you purchase nachos, you get an unlimited self-serve supply of hot nacho cheese.

Every 07-11 (July 11) of each year, 7-Eleven offers free 7.11 ounce size cups of Slurpees.

There is a Citibank branded ATM inside the store which Citibank users can use without paying a surcharge. Since there is no Citibank in Davis, Citibank users can use the ATM here without any fees. It is a Vcom brand ATM with deposit capability. The ATM is also part of the Co-Op ATM network and is free for members of all Davis credit unions and virtually all other credit unions across the country as well. There is also a payphone for public use.

7-Eleven celebrated the launch of Slurpee Lite (sugar free versions) with SlurpFREE Day. On May 23, 2012 guests from coast to coast received FREE 7.11 ounce Slurpees.

Twelve 7-Eleven stores were temporarily transformed into Kwik-E-Marts in anticipation of The Simpsons Movie. The promotion ended August 1, 2007.

7-Eleven stores featured Simpsons inspired products: Squishee drinks, KrustyO's Cereal, Buzz Cola, Pink Movie Donuts, and Radioactive Man Comic Book Edition #711.

As of March 15, 2010, the Davis 7-Eleven location has a convenient Redbox DVD rental machine in front of the store.


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2007-07-11 23:20:24   7-11 has hot hotdogs until 2AM. Not a bad place to get a late-night snack.

2010-07-12 02:49:42   I will have to remember the free Slurpee day for next year. I have never heard of this before now and I live right down the street. I do like the Slurpees (any Fanta Flavor) but rarely get them... sugar sugar sugar... But hey, a free serving once a year can't hurt. —WesOne

2012-07-28 10:16:29   I just went into the store, they remodeled and its looking great now plus there's new staff. They're also giving out free small slurpees! —SoupJill

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