Also referred to as the Bomb Shelter, 720 Anderson Road has a sordid and intriguing history.

See Bomb Shelter for details.

Sep. 2007-8 residents were EvanHart, InnaKurikova, GonzaloEyzaguirre, AlexFreedman, Jae Wook Jung and more.

Past residents include RishiTrivedi, Otis Caldwell, BrendanBoyle, Brett Hart, WillKaufman, and a number of Garage People, including BudCutino, JoeFinkel and BenTaylor.

Sept 2010-11 residents are LindseyWalker, Brennan.de.Roo.van.Alderwerelt, Jesse Lee Forrest Miller, Hanna Hanna Towers, Eva Foeva Worminghaus, & The Matrix.

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