811 H Street Apartments

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811 H Street
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A811 H Street Apartments is a small set of apartments located on H Street.

Prior to there being apartments this lot held a house that had bamboo growing around it. The house was painted a bright blue at one point.

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2008-04-24 21:38:09   I recently moved in along with 7 other girls. Initially the place was a complete mess - holes in wall, filthy bathrooms, disgustingly dirty carpet (which they only vacuumed and steam-cleaned, but stains are still visible). After much deliberation with the landlord, the place was a bit more habitable. There are things still left to fix and Kit, the landlord is sometimes a bit unresponsive to our calls. Things only get done once you've insisted a thousand times. She is nice though. Neighbors are ok. Laundry room is always left open, and as a result, it can get pretty dirty. Overall CHEAP place. 400 range for your own room. BUT beware: rats do live in the walls and you can sometimes hear them at night. Called ROOTER, said they fixed the problem... but apparently not.


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