A. J. Bumps


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223 G Street
none no more
see G Street Pub

A.J. Bumps is G Street Pub's long-dead predecessor from the mid-late eighties. It was something of a Republican version of the G Street... kinda like a cross between G Street and Sudwerk Brewery. It was still a pub-style restaurant with booths, waitress service, and I think they had live music as well.

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2006-09-25 12:58:41   Yes, A.J. Bumps had live music. Bumps was where you would bring your out-of-town visitors for a great steak. I miss their carrot casserole, which you could have instead of a salad. I heard a rumor once that it was made with carrots and crumbled crackers. Does anyone have the recipe? —BarbaraKing

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