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''2009-05-25 16:15:00'' [[nbsp]] Off Topic: If anyone sees the bike posted a few comments above, please contact me at 925-998-0345. It has been stolen and I am desperately needing it back. Alternate views can be seen here


and here

Thank you. --["Users/Deuces"]

apex1.jpg A frame sign.JPGFront of 117 D Street...APEX's in the back

New Years.jpgAaron & PrincessHavin' fun at the shop!.JPG

Jeff's Converted Basso.JPGBasso ConversionAaron, Aaron & Alex '08.JPGAaron Chase w/ 'lil Aaron & Alex '08Ryan Leech '08.JPGRyan Leech - Trials King

GT BMX Riders.JPGGT BMX Demo Team '08Aaron, Aaron & Alex w_ Jeff.JPGAaron, 'lil Aaron & Alex w/ Jeff Lenosky '08

117 D Street
Next to Café Méditerranée, Behind Yellow Offices in the back
Look for the Signs!!!
Summer Hours Winter Hours
Feb - Oct Nov - Jan
Monday - Friday Monday - Friday
11:00am - 6:00pm 11:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday Saturday
12:00pm - 5:00pm 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Sunday Sunday
By Appointment By Appointment
Mobile Service and other times are available by appointment.
Web Site
Aaron Curtin and Family (Princess, 'lil Aaron & Alex)
Home Business from '04 - '06, Original Shop in 2006, NEW Shop in 2008
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card

APEX Cycles & Service is a locally owned bike shop with the goal of keeping your bike on the road while saving you money. They offer Student Discounts (10%), Team Discounts (15%), and additional promotions. APEX Cycles is a proud sponsor of davisfixed and the Davis Bike Club

If you can't get your bike downtown, they provide Mobile Service & BIKE PICK-UP/DROP OFF.

Aaron's Van Dessel.JPGAaron's Bike

They will work with almost any budget, to get you riding. If lack of money is a problem, they have lots of USED parts available or you can volunteer your time in the shop in exchange for labor credits.

They have all kinds of goodies for your bike. If you don't see it there, just ask, and Aaron will be happy to find it for you.

They are the ONLY [WWW]AEROSPOKE and [WWW]Chrome Bags dealer in the area.

They stock and order Aluminum, Steel & Full Carbon Race frames from:

[WWW]Vellum Cycles USA - Full Carbon Road, Mtn. & Time Trial frames
[WWW]Leader Bike USA - Inexpensive Aluminum Road, Mtn., Time Trial & Track
[WWW]IRO Cycles - Inexpensive Steel Track frames
[WWW]Van Dessel - Beautiful Track, Road, and Urban Bikes
[WWW]Genius Bikes - Full Carbon, Aluminum, and Multi-material Road, Time Trial & Track
[WWW]Pro-Lite Cycles - Full Carbon, Aluminum, and "Mixed" Road, Time Trial & Track
[WWW]Fuji Bikes - Track bikes and frames only
[WWW]Pake Bikes - Inexpensive Steel Track & CX frames
[WWW]SOMA Fabrications - Road and Track frames
[WWW]Versus Cycles - Mtn. bikes & frames
[WWW]Orange Bikes - Mtn. Bikes
All frames can be custom built into the bike of your dreams or ordered with OEM specs.

Shop '09.JPGLots of goodies!!!.Shop '09 2.JPGMore goodies!!!Shop '09 3.JPGEven more bicycle goodness!!!Shop '09 4.JPGSchedule your Tune-Up today.

The APEX "Family"

APEX Services

Yellow Tune $45 ($40 for Students)
Clean Bike, Lube Chain, Lube Cables & Housing, Adjust Derailleurs - Brakes - Shifters, Safety Check, Air Tubes & Inspect Tires, Test Ride
RED Tune $75 ($70 for Students)
Everything in Yellow Tune PLUS - Clean & Polish Bike, True Wheels (Includes Spoke Replacement), Adjust Hubs - Bottom Bracket - Headset
BLUE Tune $105 ($100 for Students)
Everything in RED Tune PLUS - Remove Drivetrain & Scrub by Hand (Chain, Cassette, BB, Crank & Derailleurs), Lube & Adjust Hubs - Bottom Bracket - Headset
Overhaul $150 +
Strip Bike to Bare Frame & Rebuild
Flat Repair $12 and up (Includes Tube, Tax and Labor)
Schrader Tubes $5.99 (2 for $10), Presta Tubes $6.99 (2 for $12), Long Valve Tubes $7.99 (2 for $15), Ultra Light Tubes $10.99 (2 for $20)
Bicycle Fit $70/hr
Have a bike that doesn't seem to agree with you, we'll fit the bike to you as well as possible, or help you find a bike that does.
General Shop Labor $70/hr with a $10 minimum per job
This covers tracking odd sounds, diagnosing persistent problems, and odd physical labor. (Cutting threads, facing/prepping frames etc.)

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Comments about APEX Cycles on other sites

Great bike shop; saw my bike when other shop said they couldn't take it for a month, and fixed it on the spot. Fantastic service, knowledgeable, good prices - highly recommend! - Ellen

After getting the run around at other shops, a friend of mine told me about this place. Not very big, but best service around by far. Prices are better than most places in town, and what they lack in stock on hand, they make up in customer service. They took my bike in and got it back to me within a few days as promised. Way faster than everyone else. They have lots of cool road and "fixie" parts that other shops don't stock. Totally recommended!!! - Chris

In my quest to be hip I have started a fixed gear bicycle project. It's what all the cool kids are doing these days. I've not sworn allegiance to any one bike shop lately and have visited about six or so. Apex is in a back alley garage and looks just like that... a back alley garage. They do stock merchandise but the rest of the shop looks like they're working on bikes. Every time I go into a bike shop to ask questions I have usually already researched it on the Internet so that I won't sound stupid when I go in. Here at Apex, the owner was very knowledgeable and prevented me from buying some stuff I didn't need.
Prices are on par with other shops but this guy had time to talk to me and give me suggestions. I liked that attention and his honesty. It was a place that I felt I could go in and hang out and chat and compare bikes and ideas, sort of like a bike gang, er... I mean club. - Hunter G.

Fantastic Service!
Emailed the owner after hours and received a quick reply back that I could bring my bike in the next day, after a comparable shop had claimed they couldn't see me for a month. Took it in and Aaron fixed it right on the spot; took it for a test ride and when it still felt shaky, he and the volunteers took a look at it again and now it rides better than when I first got it! Amazing service, friendly, knowledgeable, and reasonable prices. Will definitely take my bike here again if it needs it. - Anonymous

I love Apex Cycles, they are so helpful in there. Numerous times have I dropped by to get my tires pumped up or my seat adjusted - they'll do it for you with a smile. The staff are friendly and professional, and I particularly appreciate that they always give you good and honest advice - no bullshit just to try and make you buy things you don't need or go for the more expensive option for no reason. Though I haven't inspected their selection of bikes very carefully, they seem to have a good range of different kinds of bikes, new as well as second-hand. They also stock all kinds of equipment and accessories, anything you'll ever need. You'll sometimes be able to get second-hand parts as well (though I don't think they stock them specifically); they were happy to sell me a second-hand wheel once, as they happened to have one lying around. Their repair service is quick and very reasonable. Normally you have to book a slot beforehand, I think, but they also do repairs on a drop-by basis on the weekends - so if you get there early you'll get your bike back within hours unless it's complicated. I couldn't say whether bike shops vary hugely, but I have no doubt that Apex beats them all in virtue of their fantastic service alone. - Walker D.


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2007-10-24 15:28:35   I bought a nice used road bike it was in perfect condition i got a great deal after my wifes was stolen, This place is awesome and free tune-ups if buy a bike there very cool and excellent costumer service i will be back often. Thank you very much From Brian & Diane —Brians

2007-11-02 15:03:21   Excellent service and adorable family. Aaron fixed my flat tire in minutes (unlike other shops that wanted me to wait 1-2 hours). Unbeatable prices as well- 10% discount for students! I would highly recommend it and will go back there every time. —Nicole1985

2007-11-20 16:43:19   Just brought in my flat tire to get repaired. Aaron (I presume), deftly fixed it within minutes and was very friendly. Prices are competitive so I definitely recommend this place to anybody with need of bike services. —egyan

2008-02-03 15:51:33   Aaron rebuilt the drive train (new bottom bracket, cranks chain ring and back cog) on my early 1970's red fixed gear Peugeot and it runs great. I couldn't be any happier with it. Before I found Apex Cycles (I am new to Davis as of the Summer of 07) I had a few other bike shops try to fix my broken chain ring, bottom bracket and cranks. They all gave up and told me to scrap my beloved frame and get a new bike. Aaron was able to remove the old French bottom bracket and cut new threads for a more modern external barring type bottom bracket. He then put new Shimano cranks, chain ring and a quality Soma back cog on my bike and it is awesome. I always make sure to go to Aaron for any repairs work I need done on my fixed gear Peugeot. —albertobob

2008-02-11 08:53:42   Very highly recommended. The owner, Aaron, was kind enough to set up a Sunday appointment for me, even though it wasn't a huge job. This is a smaller bike shop than the others, and you feel more like a personal client than just a customer: they give you and your bike their 100% undivided attention and are super-focused on getting your bike exactly the way you want it to be. —bikelover

2008-04-04 19:56:42   I had a wonderful experience at this store. I took in a couple of beach cruisers earlier this week to fix some small things and add some accessories. He told me the bikes would be ready today and they were. I first came to this store and asked a million questions and got them all answered with a patient attitude. I walked around to 3 other bike stores located downtown and got very similar price quotes from all of them. I decided to get the work done here because of the helpfulness of the owner (who does most of the sales and work himself) and because of the 10% student discount. He fixed a flat, aligned a tire, added a kickstand, added a rack and two rear baskets, added a front basket, added two front lights, modified the handles, cleaned the bikes, and oiled my chain. He did all of this and charged me only 40 dollars for 40 minutes of labor. I thought this was a very fair price. After the sale he even lowered the seat on one of the bikes with a smile. The only downside about this store is that it is very small and does not have a huge stock of parts/accessories. If you need to buy something and have it installed same-day, this may not be the place for you. If you're willing to wait, then he can order just about anything and have it within a day or two. All in all this guy charges fair prices (especially for students), does good/fast work, and will give you straight answers without any BS trying to get you to buy stuff you don't need. Thanks Aaron! We love our bikes and will definitely return for future cycling needs. —BlairGoss

2008-04-18 21:43:09   owner is friendly. bought some bike supplies today. i will be back for any bike related needs. —kelvinkay

2008-06-09 08:11:40   Aaron did a great job resurrecting my 20 year-old Trek road bike. He did a great job replacing and adding what we discussed. I felt he made a conscious effort to steer me toward what I needed and what was most cost-efficient. He picked it up on a Friday and dropped it off the next Tuesday. I was very happy with the service and the cost was reasonable. —BigGuy

2008-06-27   Aaron did a good job building an older Bridgestone frame into a finished fixed gear/single speed bike. He answered all my questions, and built the bike in only a few days (talked with him Saturday, it was ready on Tuesday). He even gave a student discount on the lock and lights that I bought separately. I really like riding this bike around town, and will go back to APEX Cycles in the future. —JohnCAnderson

2008-06-28 00:24:55   Aaron sold me a fixed gear road bike and he changed it to a single speed road bike as I requested. He didn't charge me any money except for the parts :D. He worked quite fast and very promising. I am very happy with my purchase. Great guy to talk to :D. He gave me discounts. Ask if you want a discount, he is willing to give you a discount if you just ask. —phuneverdie

2008-07-17 18:56:06   I just called Aaron and the same day, he came over and fixed my flat tire within minutes. He was very friendly and did an awesome job! I recommend him to everyone!! —akwiat11

2008-08-09 21:00:35   Definitely better than all the other bike stores around Davis. Nice and timely. —dbrand

2008-08-20 15:27:34   Just bought a couple things off Aaron (store owner), I actually got a really good deal comparable to the other stores in Davis and even online. If anybody rides a fixed gear, you should go to him and talk to him about it. I got a new tire and at Freewheeler it was 39.99 + Tax, Wheelworks it was around the same but at APEX, I got for 29 including tax. He has student discounts so word. —btt

2008-08-20 18:05:46   Really awesome place to go get your bike fixed or just to buy parts. The owner is really nice and knows his bikes very well. The service is also very fast and students get a discount! —Ray916

2008-08-22 12:11:42   Took my old piece of crap in, and Aaron was really helpful, getting my wheel back in true in about 15 minutes. Really nice guy, too. —JoshuaSchraiber

2008-09-09 21:14:03   YAAAA grand re opening


do you do work on old ass moultens? specifically a 4 speed sturmey where I broke the little axle thingy... I have a moulten from the early 60's with full suspension that actually works great. —StevenDaubert

2008-09-10 08:03:48   This place is awesome the owner is a class act! He the owner has a great worker named Simon great mechanic and darn good person, If you want a great fixie or just a repair this place is second to no one!! —Brians

2008-09-13 15:52:30   Apex does a great job with repairs and tune-ups. They really work with you to make sure that you are satisfied with the result. If you need any major repairs done, this is definitely the place to go. If you are just looking for parts, on the other hand, some of the prices here are high ($6.99 for a set of two plastic tire levers). —CameronTracy

2008-09-17 14:29:39   Late last night, I was searching for a good reliable bike repair place in town and found all these nice reviews for Apex. I emailed them a question last night and this morning (before 8am), I got a prompt email response. I brought the bike in this morning and Aaron fixed it while I waited (the chain needed adjustment) and he didn't charge me anything for this! This is clearly the bike shop that I will recommend to everyone I know (starting with this post on daviswiki)! Thanks Aaron! —joonglee

2008-09-19 22:21:09   Don't shop around — just go see Aaron. Friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable... I'm bicycle repair impaired, and it is very obvious... I asked about a million questions Aaron was happy to answer all of them. Princess is super nice, too. —MichellePalmer

2008-09-29 12:22:28   I purchased a bike here a few weeks ago and had a great experience. Super nice staff, great local business. I wont use another bike shop again!! —AshleyTeodorsonVau

2008-10-08 12:46:58   Great service, super-fast, emailed the night before and Aaron took my bike in the next day when the Bike Barn said they wouldn't take it for a month. Friendly, knowledgeable, good price - definitely the first place I'll take my bike in the future! —evureyday

2008-11-03 18:03:03   Best mechanics out there. Simion is the man when it comes to precise repairs. You don't need to go anywhere else! —KateKat

2008-11-07 16:48:43   apex is legit. that's all i have to say. —MiranPark

2008-11-30 19:17:12   Are you slowing down? Feel like peeping the moulten? —StevenDaubert

2008-12-09 13:38:57   The Bike Barn has more fixie stuff and at better prices!! —shorty

2008-12-30 20:29:53   Apex is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to learn more about their bicycle, regardless of its variety. I was interested in buying a fixed gear for campus/local use and Aaron and some of the fixed gearheads that hang out there have really helped me a lot. Aaron cators to the needs of students of all price ranges and provides a super comfortable environment for you to ask questions and learn more about your gear. I am endlessly appreciative for the assistance that Aaron has given me in ordering and building my Leader, Thanks :D —Deuces

2009-01-17 00:46:59   Got some parts for my fixie today... very knowledgeable and good service. The shop was a bit messy, hard to move around, but I will definitely give them my business. They gave me a student discount, which is something I have not seen from any of the other shops... I will definitely return! —BrandonBarrette

2009-01-23 09:04:18   A friend who rides a fixie recommended Aaron. I called and was able to take my beater commuter bike in the next day. Aaron was great - he actually worked around my class schedule so that I could have my bike back right away, which is a major benefit over other shops. I think the student discount is awesome and my bike rides much much better now. I'll definitely be going back for anything else I need. Thanks Aaron! —Ratatat

2009-02-01 13:02:24   the only bike store i go to. —pol

2009-03-19 02:20:17   best bike shop in davis! owner is friendly and extremely knowledgeable! —wizz

2009-03-25 23:24:26   I went there today to pick up a few parts, and got great help and advice. Plus, they have parts that nobody else does, and the prices are great. I wish I had heard about this place sooner. It is the only bike shop in Davis that I will go to anymore. —twblalock

2009-04-22 23:45:05   The owner is knowledgeable and comes off as friendly, but he will rip you off. He takes advantage of customers who are unfamiliar with bikes; he charged my roommate's girlfriend $55 for alloy riser bars and bar tape! I've been in his shop one too many times, and he's shady in my book. —TylerSe

2009-04-23 07:42:58   I've never bought anything from Aaron, but I've been into his shop a number of times to consider some purchases. I never felt that he was anything less than a hardworking, honest businessman with a passion for bikes. Even though I didn't buy anything, he spent a long time explaining to me the details about the bikes and parts I was looking at, and the pricing that would go with the parts and service. "Shady"? Give me a break. —TheAmazingLarry

2009-04-23 09:08:32   I've been to the shop a few times and bought a track cog for a bike I was building at one point. Even though that was the only part I needed from there, Aaron still gave me a ton of advice regarding things I should watch out for while building it (my first fixie), as well as a few shop tricks he'd use on my particular project to keep it from falling apart while riding (and it hasn't yet!). —KevinChin

2009-04-23 10:52:26   The idea that Aaron is "shady" as the quasi-anonymous "TylerSe" asserts in his comment of 22 April 2009 is ludicrous. I know Aaron through his work as NeighborWoods coordinator for Tree Davis in the fall of 2007 and all I can say is he is whatever the opposite of "shady" is. Try hard-working, honest, diligent, thorough, and great with people. —DavidRobinson

2009-04-24 14:27:40   Aaron is the boss; end of story. He has helped me a ton with building my fixed gear and educated me from ignorance to being able to strip my bike down and put it back together myself. He is always willing to meet whatever parts need you may have, and has an eye for adding style points to any fixie. I won't be going anywhere else for my fixed gear needs again.


2009-04-29 00:02:28   I think the near unanimous positive reviews speak for themselves, but I'd like to add my own experience with Apex.

Aaron recently built a wheelset for me, and when he went to order the spokes from the distributor, they were out of the size I needed. With any other bike shop, I would have received a call telling me that the spokes were out and it would be "x" amount of time before they were in stock and delivered. Aaron however, without any prompting, went around to all the bike shops in Davis and Sacramento and rounded up the exact spokes needed for my wheel-build, and had the wheels ready for me when I showed up.

Regardless of the size or appearance of the shop itself, you should feel safe that Apex will deliver top-quality knowledge and service. They know their stuff and will always greet you with a friendly face. —nwt

2009-05-05 07:29:20   Does APEX repair non-fixie and high dollar bikes? I have my garage sale road bike that I love very dearly, and I like to get it tuned up each spring. Thought I'd go some place else than B&L, especially with all the good comments. —ChristyMarsden

2009-05-06 07:51:05   Had a flat taken care of by Simon a couple of weeks back, he did it right in front and it took about 5 or so minutes before i walked out the door with my fixed bike. Yesterday i also had Aaron look at my loose axle. He went to work on it right away telling me to come back in 20. 20 later, i came back to my bike with a very solid axle. —lesterlowe

2009-05-08 13:16:48   Took my bike in for a tune up the other day. It was pretty good, but a lot of grease was left on the frame and bars. The mechanic was awesome, replace the pedal on my other bike with a used one for free (the pedal had broken off). Aaron is very knowledgeable and helpful. The shop does look like a mess though. —dwikiuser

2009-05-20 08:39:41   I emailed the owner asking about my bike, and within an hour he emailed me and told me to bring it in. I did, and in less than 24 hours it was fixed up like new. I was expecting to have to get the Blue Tune-Up, but the mechanic worked it out so that I only needed the Red with an additional cable replacement package. All in all, it cost me way less than what B&L would have and the turn around was fantastic! My bike rides better than ever before, and if it makes a funny sound or I'm not happy with it, the owner said I could bring it back. I've found a new favorite bike mechanic! —ChristyMarsden

2009-05-25 16:15:00   Off Topic: If anyone sees the bike posted a few comments above, please contact me at 925-998-0345. It has been stolen and I am desperately needing it back. Alternate views can be seen here


and here

Thank you. —Deuces

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