ASUCD Academic Senate Representatives


ASUCD Academic Senate Representatives tend to be ASUCD insiders who volunteer their time to come to Academic Senate meetings in order to discuss student issues and concerns in various committees of the Academic Senate. Many Academic Senate Representatives have not been confirmed by the ASUCD Senate, which has led to the controversy of ASUCD Court case #35. The selecting and recruiting of volunteers for the Academic Senate is the constitutional responsibility of the ASUCD President. President Darnell Holloway used the Academic Affairs Commission to conduct the selection process for the 2006-2007 representatives. Other President's have used their staff or themselves to select representatives.

Academic Freedom & Responsibility

Admissions & Enrollment

Affirmative Action & Diversity

Courses of Instruction

Distinguished Teaching Award

Executive Council

Grade Changes

Information Technology

International Studies & Exchanges


Public Service

Transportation & Parking

Undergraduate Council

General Education

Preparatory Education

Special Academic Programs

Undergraduate Instruction & Review

Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, and Prizes


An ASUCD Court case was filed by Brent Laabs against ASUCD President Darnell Holloway concerning the legality of appointing Steve Ostrowski as well as other members to the Academic Senate without being confirmed by the ASUCD Senate. There may also be legal issues as to whether Senators can be ASUCD Academic Senate representatives seeing as how they cannot confirm themselves. Some of the representatives have already participated in Academic Senate meetings without being confirmed. In another controversial case Steve Ostrowski was confirmed by the ASUCD Senate 6-5-1 on December 7th 2006, a position he volunteered for.


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2006-12-08 11:49:06   Holy bajeezes ain't this a party — there's only one person (Olga Maleva) who is not an ASUCD officer (other than Ostrowski who .. yeah) —KrisFricke

2006-12-08 17:43:40   Olga's on AAC. —JosephBleckman

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