ASUCD Constitutional Amendment 16


Amendment 16 is a proposed constitutional amendment to create an ASUCD Outreach Assembly to connect student organizations to ASUCD. It is part of the Winter 2007 ASUCD Election.

Authored by: Laabs
Co-Authored by: Harms, Powers, Rivera, Salem, Shannon, Schwab, Weinstein
Introduced by: Salem
Presented: On the Senate Floor on September 28, 2006.

Section 1. The ASUCD Senate hereby places the Democracy at Davis III Act on the Winter 2007 ASUCD General Election ballot as follows:

Do you approve the Democracy at Davis III Act, which would create the ASUCD Outreach Assembly?

The Democracy at Davis III Act of 2007

Section 1. The Associated Students, University of California, Davis (ASUCD) hereby amend Article II, Section 12 of the ASUCD Constitution as follows:

Section 12. The subordinate bodies of the Senate will consist of the following:

Section 2. The ASUCD hereby enact Article II, Section 16 of the ASUCD Constitution as follows:

Section 16.

In the event that the outgoing Speaker of the Outreach Assembly is reapplying for the position, the Assembly Chair Pro Tempore shall take his/her place on the interviewing committee and assume all responsibilities outlined in this section. In the event that both the Speaker and Assembly Chair Pro Tempore are applying for the position of Speaker, the Outreach Assembly shall select a designee by majority vote to replace the outgoing Speaker of the Outreach Assembly (on the interviewing committee). All members, including the Speaker, of the ASUCD Outreach Assembly shall be subject to approval by a majority vote of the Senate. Outreach Assembly members and the Outreach Assembly Chairperson may only be removed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the entire Senate.

Section 3. The ASUCD appoint a hiring committee for the first ASUCD Outreach Assembly as follows:

  1. ASUCD President

    B. ASUCD Vice President

    C. ASUCD Senate President Pro Tempore

    D. Director of the Campus Outreach and Organizing Office

    E. Chair of Internal Affairs Commission

Section 4. The ASUCD Outreach Assembly shall begin meetings during the first week of Fall Quarter 2007, if not earlier.

Finance: No
Appropriation: None
Vote: Majority

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