ASUCD External Vice President


Unlike the majority of other ASUC*s and GSAs, ASUCD does not have and has never had an External Vice President, an elected person responsible for dealing with external affairs. The debate on creating this position has existed for many years, and continues to be debated within ASUCD; however, the general consensus is that an External Vice President (EVP) is not necessary. This debate came to head in 2004, when Senator Donald Cohen-Cutler proposed a constitutional amendment creating an EVP, which did not pass the Senate. In the meantime, debate has died away with the departure of Brian McInnis.




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2006-06-22 16:42:11   With more disadvantages than advantages, why do most of the other ASUCs have one? —JosephBleckman

2006-06-22 17:45:42   I'd venture to guess it depends on how you weight it. Maybe they consider the advantages are of greater benefit than the disadvantages. —ES

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