The ASUCD Fee is what helps pay for things that ASUCD does. This is automatically added to your undergraduate student fees and is the same amount regardless of whether you're a full-time or part-time undergrad. If you don't like what ASUCD does, you can have this fee refunded by filling out some forms. As of 2010-11 this is $35.00 a quarter ($105.00 a year). (source: [WWW]UCD Budget & Institutional Analysis: Student Fees).

The ASUCD Fee is split in four ways. Only $8 of it per quarter goes to the ASUCD General Fund, the part that the ASUCD Senate can allocate — the rest is given to different programs by various ballot initiatives. Cal Aggie Camp gets $.50, $2.00 goes to the Educational Opportunity Program, and the remainder ($30.50) goes directly to Unitrans. Related ballot measures include the Campus Expansion Initiative and the FACE Initiative.

These are mandatory student fees, and have been since Spring of 1935. If you want a refund, you can only get the portions of the fee back that are both political in nature, and that you have an ideological objection with. You file a form in the ASUCD Student Services Office, which is then reviewed by Mark Champagne. You then get back your portion of the ASUCD fee which is used for advocacy, which is 24 cents per year, maximum (2008-09). This was required under [studentgov]ASUCR v Regents to implement the terms of Smith v. Regents (though a later Supreme Court case may no longer require this, ASUCD still does it).

See Undergraduate student fees for more.

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