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|| 1934-35 || Maitland 'Bud' Wolfe ||
|| 1933-34 || Phil S. White ||
|| 1934-35 || Maiton J. 'Bud' Wolfe ||
|| 1933-34 || Philip S. White ||
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|| 1920-21 || J. L. Kanst || || 1920-21 || J. L. Kanat ||

asucd01.jpgList of ASUCD Presidents in the ASUCD Conference Room, 3rd floor MU. There are empty plaques ready for the names of ASUCD Presidents up through 2077.

The ASUCD President serves as the chief executive officer for ASUCD as well as the official representative of the Associated Students to all governmental bodies and agencies as well as the campus and systemwide administrations. The President is elected each winter quarter. (verbatim from [WWW]ASUCD website). The President is assisted by the Executive Office of the ASUCD President and advised by the ASUCD Cabinet.

They are assisted by the ASUCD Vice President; the two have been elected together since at least 1981.

Current ASUCD President: Armando Figueroa 2014-2015

ASUCD Presidents:

Term Name Slate Affiliation Year at Time of Election/Major Prior ASUCD positions Other campus affiliations Greek
2014-15 Armando Figueroa SMART Fourth Year Senator MEChA, EOP, STEP SRRC ACE
2013-14 Carly Sandstrom NOW Third Year External Affairs Commission Chair ΠΒΦ
2012-13 Rebecca Sterling Independent* Third Year Senator ΔΔΔ
2011-12 Adam Thongsavat BOLD Fourth Year Senator Unitrans
2010-11 Jack Zwald LEAD Third Year Senator Davis College Democrats
2009-10 Joe Chatham Independent Third Year, International Relations Senator Students without Borders, IS, DHC
2008-09 Ivan Carrillo LEAD Second Year Transfer (Senior), sociology and chican@ studies Senator
2007-08 Kareem Salem LEAD Senator Unitrans
2006-07 Darnell Holloway LEAD Vice President, Senator, Internal Affairs Commissioner ΔΣΠ
2005-06 Caliph Assagai LEAD Senator
2004-05 Kalen Gallagher Student Focus Third Year Vice President, Senator ΣΦΕ
2003-04 Sara Henry Student Focus ?
2002-03 Chia-Saun Lai Student Focus
2001-02 Tiqula Bledsoe LEAD
2000-01 Matt Huerta LEAD

*Sterling was part of the "Do Work" team, which eventually evolved into NOW

Note: Permanent slates did not exist before 2000.

1999-2000 Phong La
1998-99 Scott Reed
1997-98 Dave Rand
1996-97 Ashish Kurani
1995-96 Peter Nguyen
1994-95 Andrew Douglas Donnell
1993-94 Dana Shoffner
1992-93 Seth Merewitz
1991-92 Erin Braddock
1990-91 Steve Johns
1989-90 Julie Juergens
1988-89 Chris Nelson
1987-88 Kevin Ha
1986-87 Pam Fox
1985-86 Jack Bair
1984-85 Jim Depolo
1983-84 Dave Coglizer
1982-83 Jim Kjol
1981-82 Kevin Warner
1980-81 John Stratton
1979-80 John Boesel
1978-79 Paul Rogers
1977-78 Richard Moreno
1976-77 Robert Kamai
1975-76 Parker Lee
1974-75 Sheryl Falstein
1973-74 Ken Levy
1972-73 Norm Weil
1971-72 Kevin Collins
1970-71 Bart Fisher
1969-70 Dave Hubin
1968-69 Steve Woodside
1967-68 Dave Durand
1966-67 Bob Black
1965-66 Ed Everett
1964-65 Bob Hoagland
1963-64 R. Terry Schauer
1962-63 Bob E. Murphy
1961-62 Bob Paulson
1960-61 Michael T. Payne
1959-60 Dave Hansen
1958-59 Bob Evarts
1957-58 John Sharrah
1956-57 John Hardie
1955-56 Ken Svedeen
1954-55 Richard 'Dick' Huberty
1953-54 Henry Padgham
1952-53 Ed Spafford for whom Lake Spafford is named
1951-52 John Prato
1950-51 Roger Mee
1951 S Ronnie Cameron
1949-50 F Horace Hampton
1948-49 Jack Foott
1947-48 Bill Allewelt
1946-47 Glenn Smith
1946 S Bill Murray
1945-46 F Clayton Brown
1945 F Pat Bowman
1944-45 none
1943-44 none
1942-43 F George Allen
1941-42 Kenneth Johnson
1940-41 Edward C. Lydon
1939-40 Robert William Munyon
1938-39 Paul Couture
1937-38 Bill Troutner
1936-37 Bert Campbell
1935-36 Ed Smith
1934-35 Maiton J. 'Bud' Wolfe
1933-34 Philip S. White
1932-33 Harry A. Caldwell
1932* Clinton Jewett (resigned 1932-9-7)
1931-32 Lindsay Jewett
1930-31 Irwin D. Boone
1930 S Leslie E. Waight
1929-30 F Louis John Sutton
1928-29 Daniel T. Haley
1927-28 Harold E. Kendall
1926-27 Harold V. Beckman
1925-26 Bob Osborne
1925 S John Baumgartner
1924-25 F Herb Spillman
1923-24 Walter R. Huberty
1922-23 Francis R. Wilson
1922 S Charles H. Kinsley
1921-22 F Frank Cleland
1920-21 J. L. Kanat
1919-20 Charles Donald 'Don' Huff, Sr.
1918-19 Dewey L. Harper
1917-18 Ed Lewis
1916-17 W. Dudley Heron
1915-16 John Montgomery Roberts
1914-15 William Farrington Stone
1914-15 John Montgomery Roberts (resigned)**
1913-14 Hugh Dyer Cameron
1912-13 unknown
1911-12 unknown
1910-11 Leonard H. Teter

** Can someone double-check this for me in the Aggie archives in Shields? My notes have Roberts as President in 1914, and then crossed off, and I have no idea what I meant by that at the time. I'm very non-trusting of non-primary source documents, being misled by them so many times about ASUCD, that I'd like a more definitive answer. I'm not in Davis or I'd do this myself. —BrentLaabs


Student government officers roster (1967-1984) found in ASUCD files; personal observations of Mark Champagne (1979-2007); El Rodeo (1910-1967); The California Aggie (1915-1967); The Golden Book of California, 1860-1936; page 253.

Some info (mainly completing names and verification) taken from plaque in the ASUCD conference room on the third floor of the Memorial Union.' ([WWW]duplicated here)

Historical Notes

Peter Nguyen was the President who ushered in the modern era of ASUCD by proposing the Democracy at Davis constitutional amendment in 1995 which created the current system of government.

Andrew Donnell was the only ASUCD President to have committed suicide. He did so shortly after graduation.

Paul Rogers married the Academic Affairs Chair; the two them were later killed by her brother in front of their children.

Horace Hampton was the first non-white (black) elected officer in ASUCD, elected ASCA President in 1949. Sheryl Falstein was the first woman elected to the office of ASUCD President.

Charles Kinsley was the only ASUCD President to simultaneously serve as Editor (in Chief) of The California Aggie.

Bob Black was the ASUCD President who infamously signed away the campus bookstore, which the students owned, to the UC Davis administration. Incidentally, he also started the ASUCD Coffee House and Unitrans.


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2007-05-08 20:54:01   anyone know how many women have run for president? where can i find this info? ja mata. —JessicaRockwell

2007-05-08 22:25:13   damn we really need some more females up in there! —GennaCarnes

2008-08-17 00:50:18   Does ASUCD have any ties with the campus democrats or republicans? —ThanhVu

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