ASUCD Science and Engineering Committee


The ASUCD Science and Engineering Committee's administration plan was introduced by then Senator Kareem Salem and was passed unanimously by the ASUCD Senate on November 30, 2006. Since this committee's establishment, they have accomplished the following:

Future events/goals will include the following:

They organize the ASUCD Science and Engineering Symposium, an event for undergraduates to hear stories and tips from their professors about college, careers, and graduate school.

They are currently running an ongoing survey for science and engineering majors on ASUCD and programs which the committee can help bring or publicize more on campus. They will be indefinitely tabling at the Silo and every survey participant will receive a coupon to the Coffee House or Aggie Student Store.

The ASUCD Science and Engineering Committee is currently hiring for committee members for the 2008-2009 school year. To apply, visit the following link: [WWW]

2007-2008 Committee

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