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QUORUM ROLL CALL<br> + <br> + Present: Salem, Hooper, Carrillo, Fluet, Frick, Friedman, Lay, Malik, Parnell, Peake, Sundstrom, Turhal, Markevich, Bianci (B&amp;F), Khan, Draper (EPPC), Lee (EAC), Weinstein, Cokely<br> + Absent: Savaree-Ruess, Harris, Xie<br> + <br> + III. STATUS OF LEGISLATION PREVIOUSLY PASSED<br> + <br> + Fluet all legislation has been signed by the president. Motion to move into any other business to elect a pro-tempore.<br> + <br> + IV. ANY OTHER BUSINESS<br> + <br> + Peake nominate Fluet, accept<br> + Malik mominate Lay, decline<br> + Parnell nominate Frick, decline<br> + <br> + Fluet elected pro-tempore 10-0-2 (abstain Harris, Xie). Motion resume orders of the day, move into public discussion.<br> + <br> + V. PUBLIC DISCUSSION<br> + <br> + Regan CalPIRG update. New campaign public finance, textbook press conference went well, legislation supporting ocean cleanup went to state senate, remember the swirling plastic twice the size of Texas in the middle of the ocean. Chancellors of UC’s went to President Dynes asking carbon neutral offset damage. Testified in Sac on public transportation and why access is important (governor has introduced several budget cuts). Just kicked off recruitment drive, hunger cleanup for hunger/homelessness is April 15, working to raise 15K, ½ for local shelters, national students vs hunger/homelessness 35% and rest to two international causes for Darfur and Zimbabwe.<br> + <br> + Carrillo couple weeks ago had initial meeting with Vice Chancellor for campus workers to become campus employees… we passed resolution in support, update other meeting Schimik said not in favor, thinks his talks with Sodexo they can meet needs we’re looking for… this is definitely not dying now, going to make much more movement/noise… many events this quarter for visual and pressure on Shimik. I personally back it, working with community members, career and student workers, feel strong about this encourage you all to contact us… ask for support, we did resolution but now as individuals we can go to our own communities and get more backing.<br> + <br> + Sundstrom Cesar Chavez day April 1, celebrate on Saturday closest. Christian (?) Chavez coming to town to talk. Clothing drive for farmers affected by citrus freeze.<br> + <br> + Friedman welcome back, bunch went to lobby day Tuesday, inspired me, gave me ideas as a student senate we have potential, can direct our issues if we speak with one voice. If we reach consensus on things we can be very powerful to admin and can get our own association working. Looking forward to retreat and budget hearings.<br> + <br> + Cokely from noon to one 2nd floor of lay building, going to email info, speaker who was captain in US army about the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.<br> + <br> + Peake workers going to lead march originally started by Chavez. We’re going to be there… March 31 10am 6th and T St in Sac.<br> + <br> + Malik culture show next Saturday in Mondavi Center.<br> + <br> + Salem want to announce few things. Budget hearings coming up, should be getting emails about that. Heystek open house, April 10 MU Art 6-7pm, wants us to help him publicize. My office hours are T-Th 12-1, 3-4 can contact me anytime. Joint ASUCD Senate-City Council meeting in Davis Senior Center… meeting for first half over there, then reconvening on campus. Several things on agenda from joint resolutions and entertainment we’re coauthoring myself and city council. Come with city issues ready to talk.<br> + <br> + Fluet when are we starting?<br> + <br> + Salem would like to convene closer to 6, so arrive early so we don’t run too late for rest of senate meeting.<br> + <br> + Frick spent time working on new program Apr 18 from 7-8, similar to last lecture series panel of eight science and engineering professors talking about what they’ve been through academically from undergrad to where they are today. Wellman 2, science and engineering symposium.<br> + <br> + Salem if everyone could look at schedule for may 4,5,6 if available email me, I’d like to get everyone together for a retreat.<br> + <br> + VI. INTRODUCTION OF NEW LEGISLATION<br> + <br> + Two senate bills authored by Harms, not yet numbered.<br> + <br> + Fluet motion move back to orders of day, back to past meetings minutes.<br> + <br> + VII. APPROVAL OF PAST MEETING’s MINUTES<br> + <br> + Hooper we’ll come back when you all have gotten a chance to look them over.<br> + <br> + Fluet motion to move into appointments/confirmations.<br> + <br> + VIII. APPOINTMENTS AND CONFIRMATIONS<br> + <br> + B&amp;F, Andrew Bianci<br> + <br> + Sundstrom on Dardik’s behalf, read statement. Dardik recommended Bianci as chairperson of B&amp;F.<br> + <br> + Sundstom he gave great interview, people on B&amp;F love working with him.<br> + <br> + Peake what part of ASUCD needs audited?<br> + <br> + Bianci we took our direction from controller, referred to having commissioners choose own audits b/c controller knows more about individual units. Talking to people in interview, talked about more than one audit per year per person, if all in by meeting following next we’ll send commissioners back out so new ones can get feet wet and old ones can lead them. Next quarter have commissioners look at potential areas of growth for units to turn better profit, etc. Probably will be doing more if I continue or my successor does on same track.<br> + <br> + Weinstein IAC conducts admin plan work, you’re doing audits. Can you see B&amp;F collaborating with IAC in the future?<br> + <br> + Bianci definitely.<br> + <br> + Friedman when allocating money to specific event, what ideas do you look for specific points are you looking for, allocations for general events?<br> + <br> + Bianci in past looked for clarity in planning, concrete quotes, reservation copies, etc. I’m hesitant to allocate money to orgs that haven’t applied to CFC b/c don’t think its really our place to allocate money to student orgs that didn’t go there. Encourage any opinions from commission.<br> + <br> + DO CONFIRM, 10-0-2, ANDREW BIANCI, BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMISSION CHAIRPERSON<br> + Abstain: Harris, Xie<br> + <br> + EAC, Steven Lee<br> + <br> + Lay he’s been on commission whole year, good direction where he wants to take it. Very confident that he will be great chair, urge speedy confirmation.<br> + <br> + Friedman do you think EAC should focus more on national or city or relations with admin? Where would you like focus in terms of subject of adequacy efforts… where would you work with current external affairs office?<br> + <br> + Lee think all three levels very important, in past org setup has hindered us, want to divide us up into subcommittees. In interview proposed different liaisons, think improving relationships on city level much more feasible, interacting with those on city level very feasible and working with state national with preparing legislation very feasible. Thinking more on campus admin is external of ASUCD, also working with campus so many resources, campus community relations office and use their resources to train our people. I also passed around a packet with all of my incoming ideas.<br> + <br> + DO CONFIRM, 10-0-2, STEVEN LEE, EXTERNAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION CHAIRPERSON<br> + Abstain: Xie, Harris<br> + <br> + IX. EX-OFFICIO REPORTS<br> + <br> + Lee, Lay, Cokely, Weinstein, Bianci, Khan, Draper (EPPC), Markevich<br> + <br> + X. ELECTED OFFICER REPORTS<br> + <br> + Hooper, Friedman, Turhal, Malik, Carrillo, Peake, Fluet, Parnell, Frick, Lay<br> + <br> + XI. OTHER BUSINESS<br> + <br> + Fluet we voted to do softball for IM, league on Sunday nights sending sign up sheets. Start at 5, one game 5 one game 6.<br> + <br> + Friedman if we sign up are we committing ourselves?<br> + <br> + Fluet hopefully we’ll have enough so we’ll always have seven to play. General announcements senate and public discussion please read Brown’s Rules of Order. Presiding officer has jurisdiction on how we run, we don’t need to motion to move into agenda items. Finals/grades, remember time management workshops because it’s mandatory that you attend one. If you don’t have time to go to a time management workshop, that’s sad. Quarterly reports due April 12, if you want to bring them in next week that will be fantastic.<br> + <br> + Friedman elect a new media board rep?<br> + <br> + Hooper we do need to... would you prefer to wait for Xie to return? She attended the meeting last week, we’ll wait for her to return.<br> + <br> + XII. PUBLIC DISCUSSION<br> + <br> + Markevich send out an email, but we still have nominations up for excellence in education awards, encourage you to let your friends know and nominate your great professors… hopefully we’ll have a great event again this year.<br> + <br> + Peake motion to adjourn, withdraw.<br> + <br> + XIII. ANY OTHER BUSINESS<br> + <br> + Friedman motion to move into approval past meeting minutes.<br> + <br> + XIV. APPROVAL PAST MEETING’S MINUTES<br> + <br> + As amended, DO APPROVE.<br> + <br> + XV. ANY OTHER BUSINESS<br> + <br> + Peake motion to adjourn.<br> + <br> + XVI. ADJOURNMENT<br> + <br> + Vice President Hooper adjourned the meeting at 7:05 p.m.<br> + <br> + <br> + Respectfully submitted,<br> + <br> + Bobby Gray<br> + ASUCD Senate Recorder<br> + Gender and Sexuality Commission<br> + <br> + <br> + Molly Fluet<br> + Senator<br> + <br> + 3/9-3/29<br> + • Had a meeting with HEP to discuss “Good Stuff Bags” everything is on track so far<br> + • Attended UC Day<br> + • Had a meeting with Aggie Pack<br> + • Will be doing CFC interviews next week<br> + <br> + Submitted,<br> + <br> + <br> + <br> + <br> + <br> + Molly Fluet<br> + <br> + <br> + Sarah Cokely<br> + GASC Chair<br> + <br> + 3/9-3/29<br> + • Attended Safe Zone training with ECAC, GASC and some RA’s<br> + • Met with Senator Fluet and HEP regarding “Good Stuff” bags<br> + • Did two contraception presentations<br> + • Sat on the interviewing committee for EAC Chair<br> + • Received the GASC order from Total Access Group<br> + • Worked over spring break to create a GASC binder for any future chairs so that they will not have to bother the Student Government Advisor, SGAO and other Chairs nearly as much as I did<br> + <br> + <br> + Submitted,<br> + <br> + <br> + <br> + <br> + Sarah Cokely<br> + <br> + <br> + Since the last meeting I have done (among other things):<br> + <br> + Spoke at a press conference put on by CalPIRG<br> + <br> + Met with the directors of the Basement Gallery<br> + <br> + Went to Sacramento and met with Lois Wolk's office to discuss Public Transportation Funding and unitrans.<br> + <br> + <br> + Andrew Peake<br> + Senator<br> + <br> + <br> + Senate Report – 3/29/07<br> + <br> + • Met with Helen Henry regarding linbrary issues, getting more outlets to the 24 hour room and extending the hours.<br> + • Set up office hours<br> + • Talked to Alex Park about lots of stuff.<br> + • Worked on a senate bill to clarify closed session procedures and rules<br> + • I went to UC Lobby Day, and got free food and drinks!!!<br> + <br> + Respectfully Submitted,<br> + <br> + <br> + Eric Friedman<br> + ASUCD Senator</span> </td> </tr> </table> </div>