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The Vice President's unit represents the students and assists the President in management of ASUCD. The Vice President presides over ASUCD Senate meetings and casts the tie-breaking vote when the Senate is equally divided. (lifted from the [WWW]ASUCD website). They have two staff assistants.

The Current ASUCD VP, for 2014-2015, is Maxwell Kappes.

ASUCD Vice Presidents:

Term Name Slate Affiliation Year at Time of Election/Major Prior ASUCD positions Other campus affiliations Greek
2014-2015 Maxwell Kappes Independent, running with SMART Third year Transfer, Political Science and Applied Statistics Senator, Internal Affairs Commissioner DUGG (founder/president), HvZ (head administrator), Davis College Democrats
2013-2014 Bradley Bottoms NOW Third year Senator Resident Advisor
2012-2013 Yena Bae Independent*, formerly BOLD Third year Senator Mustard Seed Ministry
2011-2012 Bree Rombi BOLD Third Year, Communications and Spanish Senator, Outreach Assembly UC Davis Bowling Team
2010-11 Previn Witana LEAD Fourth Year Senator,Internal Affairs Commissioner Davis College Democrats ΔΛΦ
2009-10 Chris Dietrich Independent, formerly GO Third Year, Political Science Senator College Life
2008-09 Molly Fluet LEAD Senator, External Affairs Commissioner, Internal Affairs Commissioner ΔΔΔ
2007-08 Julie Hooper LEAD Second Year Business and Finance Commissioner, President's Chief of Staff ΑΦ
2006-07 Genna Carnes LEAD Third Year, Sociology & Psychology Gender and Sexuality Commission Chair, Senate Intern (2) WRRC, Freeborn Hall, HEP, CEVS, CVPP none
2005-06 Darnell Holloway LEAD Senator ΔΣΦ
2004-05 Paloma Perez Student Focus GASC member, Executive Chief of Staff ΑΧΩ
2003-04 Kalen Gallagher Student Focus Senator ΣΦΕ
2002-03 Arde Hormozyari Student Focus
2001-02 Dan Beaman LEAD
2000-01 Erica Alfaro LEAD

*Bae was part of the "Do Work" team, which eventually evolved into NOW

Note: slates did not exist before 2000
Term Name Notes
1999-2000 Theron Spurgeon
1998-99 Ozzie Jafarnia
1997-98 Lauren Taylor
1996-97 Adrian Petersen Sac State student while in office (see below)
1995-96 Aaron Bloom Greek membership: ΦΑΔ. See also notes below.
1994-95 Melissa Diehl
1993-94 Jodi Sakol
1992-93 Andrea Jones-Hartsough
1991-92 Liz Leon
1990-91 Delicia Hegwood
1989-90 Chris Threatt
1988-89 Kathryn Savage
1987-88 Tracy Wallin
1986-87 Paul Williams
1985-86 Collete Pozzo
1984-85 Joe Mele
1983-84 Jill Lawrence
1982-83 Darryl Hunter
1981-82 Anna Shimko
1980-81 Jane Fredman
1979-80 Lucille 'Chios' Holguin
1978-79 Steven Ridone
1977-78 Paul Rogers
1976-77 Dave MacMillan
1975-76 Chris Dearth
1974-75 Victor Cabral
1973-74 Frank Alarcon
1972-73 Tom Kesinger
1971-72 Steve Williamson
1970-71 Duke Armstrong
1969-70 Dave Ernst
1968-69 Marc Christensen
1967-68 Rich Kleker
1966-67 Jack Edwards
1965-66 Glenn Winslow The Veloyce Glenn Wilson, Jr. Award was named in his honor
1964-65 Gary Cusumano
1963-64 Mark Zaninovich
1962-63 Gary Proctor
1961-62 Joe Sullivan
1960-61 Tad Kozuki
1959-60 Ron Schuler
1958-59 Larry Hendrick
1957-58 Lealand 'Lee' Adler
1956-57 Rober Reginato
1955-56 Ed Bergtholdt
1954-55 George Rendell
1954* Walt Estelle (resigned 1954-9-24 for a medical operation, see below)
1953-54 Norbert 'Norb' Hackett
1952-53 Al Suneson
1951-52 Perry W. Riley
1950-51 William Zanker
1950 S Rudy Neuhaus
1949-50 F Ronnie Cameron
1948-49 Donald Brown
1947-48 Clyde Gillam
1946-47 Jack Luick
1946 S Walter Hughes
1945 F Clayton Brown
1944-45 none
1943-44 none
1942-43 F Bob Herrick
1941-42 Walt Newman
1941-42 Bob Watwood (elected but resigned before serving)
1940-41 Peter Gaines
1939-40 Steve Chorak
1938-39 Bob Munyon
1937-38 Jim Beagle
1936-37 Bob C. Farris
1935-36 Dean Pryor
1934-35 Bernard Dobbas
1933-34 Maitland 'Bud' Wolfe
1932-33 Dan Danielson
1931-32 Phil Gould
1930-31 Phil Gould
1930 S Thomas G. Eckart
1929-30 F E. B. Robinson
1928-29 Lawrence H. Philips
1927-28 John Mott
1926-27 unknown
1925-26 Herb Barker
1925 S Bob Osborne
1924-25 F W. G. Giddings
1923-24 Herb A. Spillman
1922-23 William R. Stay
1921-22 Frank Needham
1920-21 Vic Laney
1919-20 'Doc' Wilson
1918-19 R. Gedney
1917-18 Ewing Scott
1916-17 Irving 'Gus' Swift
1915-16 Ralph Ramsey Vawter
1914-15 William Farrington Stone
1913-14 Alvin Charles Schammel
1912-13 unknown ASUF officers are not identified by title in this year's El Rodeo
1911-12 unknown ASUF officers are not identified by title in this year's El Rodeo
1910-11 Sune V. Christierson

Historical Notes

For most of the first sixty years of ASUCD, the Vice President served as the Chair of the Welfare Council, which gave them significantly more authority than they have now.

As a result of the Democracy at Davis constitutional amendment in Winter 1995, the Vice President became the President and Presiding Officer of the ASUCD Senate and casts the determinative vote in case of a tie. The first Vice President to serve in this expanded capacity was Aaron Bloom.

Though Walt Estelle only served briefly as Vice President, he stayed involved in the ASCA, and was elected Representative at Large the following year (1955-56).

Through most of Adrian Petersen's term, he was a student at Sac State rather than at UCD. He failed out of school, applied to Sac State, and took classes there without informing ASUCD or his fraternity brothers. This was discovered in January, and by that time the election was only a month away, so nothing was actually done about it.


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