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This page will help in the ASUCD Perestroika. Please list what changes you would like to see, ideas for new units, ideas for units that should be cut, ideas for saving money, ideas for increasing accountability, ideas, ideas, ideas...

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2005-02-26 21:25:37   I would like to see some more chairs in the Wellman study lounge, it's always full even at 6:00 at night. —ScottRitchie

2005-02-27 10:00:55   Yeah the Wellman Study lounge could be made a lot more useful with the addition of a few chairs and desks —JamesSchwab

2005-02-28 20:02:01   The Aggie sold students out with that editorial. "Hold defiant students more accountable"??? What kind of crap is that? Yeah those defiant people of color driving around being pulled over 4 times in one day need to be held accountable. There are appropriate ways to interact with the police, and its called exercising your civil rights. The Aggie editorial is a load of bull, but what do you expect from a paper at a school with no journalism major only an "emphasis". —JamesSchwab

2005-02-28 20:18:56   Yes, a journalism or media department would be nice, especially given the verve we're pursuing AGTV with. It would also be nice if students weren't constantly told from the day they get here that the cops are out to get them — plenty of us have some time being put in our place by a cop here, but when we have the sense not to throw bottles, things go smoothly. This is Davis, not L.A., not Birmingham. ASUCD needs to commit itself to better communication with the city, not through creating more unfocused committees, but by using what's already established. External Affairs is gathering dust already. —EricTalevich

2005-02-28 21:02:08   From what I was told, Health and Well being has NO budget, so you wouldn't be cutting funds. As for merging GASC and HWBC, I think that they cover entirely different realms and HWBC just needs some direction right now. No one came to GASC and asked them their opinion on the matter. —JenndelaVega

2005-02-28 21:15:08   The job of a police officer is to find criminals, arrest them and gather evidence against them. They have no reason to be your friend or help you out. However I also believe that if you commit a crime you should be prepared to do the time-throw a bottle be prepared to go to jail. Unfortunately, those who do not commit crimes are often harassed and injured by the police. Racial profiling is a not just a big city thing, it happens quite often in the city of Davis. Furthermore, the Davis police have recently equipped themselves with new weapons that Amnesty International have described "grave threats to human rights". The city of Oakland has banned the use of such weapons citing the threat of civil rights violations. My fear, along with many others is that these weapons, which can be lethal will be used improperly during a crowd control situation and result in a students death. This has already happened in Boston, Sacramento, LA, and Miami. The Aggie should do some real investing on the issue of police misconduct and racial profiling before it writes an opinion. The new committee is all volunteer (no cost), which a specific goal to discuss student concerns with police officials. How the Aggie could be against a FREE dialogue, that is set to sunset in a year any ways, is beyond me. Basically the Aggie needs to think beyond the "double-secret probation" mentality and address the needs of the people of color grievances have been silenced by the safe party discussions. This is what the committee hopes to address.—JamesSchwab

2005-03-01 00:03:21   At one point HWBC did have funds; at least I was told they did. I thought we asked you Jenn if you would be interested in taking on the some of the role of HWBC. But I guess you don't remember. HWBC is dead weight and it can be better served by programs in Cowell Student Health Center than from ASUCD. However, I'd say sexual diseases are the primary concern for college students, and even drinking is related to sexuality (sadly). Besides, having a little more focus on health makes GASC less open to attack from conservatives. Also, I'd like to increase the GASC budget by 50% (which is still less than a fire truck). Consider this an invitation to discuss more. —BrentLaabs

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