ATMs_MU.JPGATMs at the MU BoA_ATM_Oakshade.jpgBank of America ATM at Oakshade Town Center

This is a list of ATMs in our fair city, as contributed by users, sorted by location and by bank. ATMs are highly useful for adding or subtracting Money from your bank account.

Note that credit union members can use other credit unions' ATMs for free because they are part of the Co-op ATM network.

  1. ATMs by location
    1. Campus
    2. Downtown
    3. East Davis
    4. South Davis
    5. Central Davis
    6. North Davis
  2. ATMs by Bank
    1. Bank of America
    2. Chase Bank
    3. Citibank
    4. Credit Unions
    5. Golden 1 Credit Union
    6. Premier West Bank
    7. River City Bank
    8. Travis Credit Union
    9. US Bank
    10. Union Bank
    11. USE Credit Union
    12. Washington Mutual
    13. Wells Fargo
    14. Wachovia
    15. Yolo Federal Credit Union

ATMs by location


bofa_atm_arsen.pngThe Bank of America ATM at the MU was torched in [WWW]an apparent act of arson on 2010-8-2. Photo by [WWW]alanna_lioness.


East Davis

South Davis

Central Davis

North Davis

ATMs by Bank

Bank of America

Chase Bank


Credit Unions

Co-op ATM Network ATMs are free for all credit union members:

Golden 1 Credit Union

Premier West Bank

River City Bank

Travis Credit Union

US Bank

Union Bank

USE Credit Union

Washington Mutual

Wells Fargo


Yolo Federal Credit Union

Please note, there's some disagreement as to how the page should be organized. (View the page's history for details.) As it stands now, I'm hoping to have this page show ATMs plotted on a map, with an ancillary list arranged by bank. Feel free to add your own thoughts on the matter.

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