Academic Affairs Commission

Annemarie Stone

The ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission researches and recommends ASUCD programs and policies in academic affairs areas at UC Davis and throughout the UC System to the Senate. The nine student members and two alternates research and develop projects to improve academic programs. Working closely with the Academic Affairs Office, the commission ensures that students' concerns are voiced to the academic community. Academic Affairs Commission meetings occur on Mondays at 7:00PM in 5 Lower Freeborn.

ASUCD Scholarship

All undergraduate students enrolled and in good academic standing at the University of California, Davis are eligible for an ASUCD Scholarship. Note that applicants with current disciplinary sanctions in effect are ineligible to apply. There will be four $500 scholarships and three $1000 scholarships given away during Fall Quarter 2014. Applications can be found at [WWW] Following the submission deadline, the ASUCD Scholarship Selection Committee will first review the applications and then notify each applicant selected for an interview. Following the interviews, the ASUCD Scholarship Selection Committee will notify the scholarship winners. If you have any questions, please check out the ASUCD scholarship page.

Current Commission

*Dana Lee Sever-Fall
Katherine Green-Fall
Allan Bach-Fall
Rahul Sachdev-Fall
Joyce Sun-Fall
Kimberly Yu-Winter
**Sana Sareshwala-Winter
Lo Tuan-Winter
Willa Kurland-Winter

*Commission Chair
**Vice Chair

Former Chairs

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