Academic Technology Services

Surge II and part of Surge IV
Office Hours
Business hours: M-F 8am-5pm
Classroom hotline hours: M-F 8am-10pm
General Business (530) 752-2133
Classroom Hotline (530) 752-3333
Web site

Academic Technology Services is a unit of Information and Educational Technology. The unit was formed circa 2007 from the merger between Classroom Technology Services and Mediaworks. It was an equal merger, meaning that neither department was taking the other over. The naming can be a bit confusing, because the name "Mediaworks" has been reused for one of the groups within ATS.

Most of the offices for ATS are located in Surge II. The door on the west side of the building (facing Surge III) is the main entrance, providing customer service and reception for all of ATS' offered services. Some additional offices, primarily for Computer Lab Management, are in the front part of Surge IV.

Following the merger, the unit was in a continuous state of reorganization for some time. The ATS groups seem to have settled for the moment into:

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