Action Signs


As of April 15, 2012, Action Signs has relocated to mid-town Davis.

1949 5th Street, Suite 109
Monday-Friday 9-5
Appointments are recommended
(530) 756-4594
Paul Bennick

Action Signs is a banner, storefront, carved sign and vehicle lettering company. They imply (by showing a photo of a cruiser on their website) that they did the UC Davis Police Department vehicles.

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2008-04-30 15:58:53   I had a banner made by Action Signs for a club I run in the veterinary school, and was very impressed. Paul was very helpful in finding me the most economical option for a good quality, weather-proof banner. He also helped me with the design and then even delivered the banner to my apartment when it was done! I'd highly recommend Action Signs based on my experience! —GSB

2012-05-06 13:30:58   Action signs has been around forever, I always saw the signed up minivan in North D when I was headed towards Holmes. Also County Road 29 is the home to the "warehouse" (for the lack of a better term) for Action signs. They do lots of work on campus... —StevenDaubert

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