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You're in Davis. It's the weekend. OR maybe it's not. But regardless you're bored and you're tired and want to get out of Davis. But where can you go and how long will it take to get there? The destinations are broken down by approximate driving time if you drive without stopping (or traffic slowdown) and at the posted speed limit.

Also see Outdoor Activities and follow some links or check out Hiking and Backpacking for lots of wilderness destination leads. The Northern California page contains a lot of information also. UCD students interested in archaeology and outdoor activities might consider the field schools offered by the Anthropology department. And don't forget about Beaches, although some particular ones are listed below.

If you require something more linear, see I-80 car-trips ("Idiot proof trips").

For trips inside California, you can check road conditions on the [WWW]Department of Transportation Website or visit the website [WWW] to obtain traffic information for areas in California.

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It's a shame UC Berkeley doesn't have a wiki for Berkeley because there are so many restaurants there which are ridiculously good: IN THE MOOD FOR... Indian? Naan'n Curry or TK's. Hot Dogs? Top Dog or Fat Dog. Sandwiches? IB's or Bongo Burger. Latin? Cafe de la Paz. (it's a bit expensive, but good) - Emily Tung

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desolation2.jpgDesolation Wilderness offers beautiful and easy hikes just a short distance from Davis

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