Afghan Student Association


The Afghan Student Association (ASA) intends to promote awareness, tolerance, and peace in issues relating to Afghanistan in UC Davis and the surrounding communities. In light of current events, the ASA also intends to address the average American's growing interest in Afghan affairs resulting from its presence in American media. ASA recognizes that the gateway to acheiving the ultimate goal of peace resides in knowledge and understanding. It is for this reason that the ASA's mission includes promoting an understanding of Afghan religion, culture, and politics.

ASA also helps organize the annual Afghan Awareness Week every May. In addition, ASA holds an annual charity banquet in hopes of raising money for various charity organizations in Afghanistan.

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Social Media
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Board of Directors

Current President: Smia Shabnam Sahebi & Sadaf Nagshbandi

2014-2015 Board Members

Smia Shabnam Sahebi
Sadaf Nagshbandi
Neelem Hayat
Suliman Ghafary
Daniyal Iqbal
Salwa Saleh
Ahmad Farzan

2013-2014 Board Members

Shabnam Arianta
Farhanaz Akramy
Rawash Yar
Sadaf Nagshbandi
Sanzel Arsalai
Zamarud Aminy
Smia Shabnam Sahebi

2012-2013 Board Members

Arzoo Arian Dasatgir
Naweed Dastagir
Marena Habibi
Sadaf Latifi
Zulaikha Zadran

2011-2012 Board Members

Yousaf Ahmadi
Hoosai Kabiri
Yalda Tarin
Salma Ashraf
Arzoo Arian Dastagir
Madina Stanackzai

2010-2011 Board Members

Madina Omar
Lakhta Hamed
Skender Najibi
Amena Anjum
Forogh Rahim
Pakhtana Hamed

2009-2010 Board Members

Freshta Koghadai
Madina Omar
Faradebah Waziri
Skender Najibi
Masseeh Rahman

2006-2007 Board Members

Khalid Nemati
Mirwais Haider
David Momand
Sahar Amin
Zeba Kamin

2005-2006 Board Members

Amina Ahsan
Sara Mojaddidi
Sadaf Samizay
Sahar Amin
Abdul Omarkhil

2004-2005 Board Members

Shoaib Ahrary
Masoud Hamsafar
Sahar Amin
Tahmina Popal

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