African-Americans, also referred to as blacks, are an ethnic group which involves some ancestry from the continent of Africa.

Though Davis is a relatively integrated community, the general perception among African-Americans is that there is substantial bias against blacks in the city. Some blacks choose not to apply to Davis, because they fear that they would be unwelcome in this town. Blacks are proportionally the largest underrepresented group at UC Davis compared to California's Demographics. In the past, [wikipedia]Affirmative Action gave minority students a slight edge in admissions, but the program is now illegal in California.

Most of the collected stories of discrimination come not from the University, but from the Police. African-Americans are 2.4% of the population but account for 9.2% of arrests; whether this is due to racial profiling or other factors is unknown. Also unknown is the percentage of African-Americans from other areas arrested while committing crimes in Davis.

ASUCD was the first UC student government to have an African-American President and Vice-President.

Police discrimination? Please contribute: Police Misconduct Stories. Also if you have stories of when the police assisted you in the city of Davis contribute here: Police Appreciation Stories.

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Hair Styling

Since most every hair stylist in Davis knows how to cut caucasian hair and Davis is about 90% white/Asian it seemed most appropriate to include hairstylists on this page rather than incorporating it on Beauty Salons and Barber Shops. As far as this wikivangelist knows, there are no stylists in Davis who cater to African American clientèle, though some hair styling products can be found at Rite Aid. This list will therefore necessarily be heavily skewed toward businesses in outlying areas such as Sacramento. Also keep in mind that many of these shops are very small and cannot accommodate credit card purchases, and many may not accept checks. (Note: if you have issues with hair information being posted here, but are of some other ethnicity, please just go to another page!)

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