Aggie Ambassadors


The [WWW]Aggie Ambassador program was installed at UC Davis in the winter of 1998. Since then, the Ambassadors have taken an active role in the outreach and promotion of all the majors within the college. Members of the Aggie Ambassadors work to improve their leadership development and communication skills by participating in student panels, college workshops, and by conducting tours around the campus. CA&ES Aggie Ambassadors travel over 15,000 miles each year to speak to elementary, junior high, high school and community college students. Through our members, we hope to further expand the knowledge of the general student body as well as the public about the opportunities available within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC of Blue and Gold

The three primary objectives of the Aggie Ambassador program are:

Aggie Ambassadors may find majoring in Agricultural and Environmental Education to be right up their alley!

ffa.jpg present.jpgWorkshops for all ages group1.jpggrad1.jpgDance DanceA thumbnail or caption may be displayed only once per image. If you would like a personalized tour of the of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis or would like the Aggie Ambassadors to make a presentation at your school, please contact them at <agambassadors AT ucdavis DOT edu>.

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