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The Cal Aggie Host and Escort Program is a specialty unit within the patrol division of the University of California Davis Police Department. The Aggie Hosts provide security, safety, and hospitality services on campus.

All hosts work at campus special events, such as concerts, guest speakers, sporting events, commencements, and major campus events like Picnic Day and the Whole Earth Festival. In addition to special events, Hosts can apply to work in a variety of specialty programs:

  1. Student Patrol/Escort Service

  2. Hart Hall: Due to threats made against departments in Hart Hall in previous years, at least one Aggie Host is stationed at Hart Hall from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM every day, all year. They patrol the building and report any problems to police dispatchers. [WWW]chalkboards.

All Aggie Hosts are undergraduate students of UC Davis. As a condition of employment, every employee must undergo a LiveScan background check, in which they are fingerprinted and check through the Department of Justice. Additionally, all hosts agree to participate in the DMV pull system, which notified the department of any changes in the individuals driving record (read: moving violations). All supervisors, and any hosts who are part of the Student Patrol specialty program, must submit to an additional background check.

With the exception of certain formal events, Aggie Hosts can be identified by their yellow shirts or jackets, which are marked with ‘Cal Aggie Host.’ Supervisors wear blue shirts with ‘Supervisor’ written underneath the logo.

The program coordinator is Chuck Coulton. He can be reached at:

Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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2009-08-27 15:24:08   If an Aggie Host asks to smell what's in my Nalgene, am I under any obligation to consent? —jsogul

2009-09-29 00:41:25   Yes, you're obligated to comply. By being on university property you are subject to search by university employees. —FaRKle

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