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'''Allégre Apartments''' has two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, as well as an acute accent on the first "e". Rents range from $1,575/month to $2,495/month [Sept. 2009]. Several units have a loft, walk-in closets, and private balconies/patios. Some units have a washer and dryer, and if not, you have the option of renting one for an extra $35 a month. There is an exercise room with new weight equipment, a pool and spa, ["Basketball" basketball] court, playgrounds, and covered bike racks. The complex is managed by ["JCA Management, Inc."] and is on ["Unitrans"] ["M bus line" M] & ["W bus line" W bus lines]. '''Allégre Apartments''' has two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, as well as an acute accent on the first "e". Rents range from $1,385/month to $2,245/month [Sept. 2010]. Several units have a loft, walk-in closets, and private balconies/patios. Some units have a washer and dryer, and if not, you have the option of renting one for an extra $30 a month. There is an exercise room with new weight equipment, a pool and spa, ["Basketball" basketball] court, playgrounds, and covered bike racks. The complex is managed by ["JCA Management, Inc."] and is on ["Unitrans"] ["M bus line" M] & ["W bus line" W bus lines].
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''2005-09-07 17:28:18'' [[nbsp]] In my opinion, this place is overpriced. I lived here from '00-'01, the first year it was around. The complex was pretty cheaply built, and we had a lot of problems that first year. The amenities are not great (exercise room is pretty crappy), and we had a terrible, terrible ant problem. They may have improved since. --["Users/JoannaHeiple"]
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''2005-10-23 22:30:48'' [[nbsp]] This complex was party central when I lived here 2001-2002. Lots of parties, loud music, etc. The cops even came from to time due to resident complaints. And, overpriced. --["Users/ReginaSikora"]
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''2008-09-22 19:33:08'' [[nbsp]] I was a tenant here during the 2002-2003 school year and enjoyed my stay. I lived on the back side of the complex, near the bike path, so the nights were quiet. Parking was horrible, but it's changed since. On a sad note (and one that now seems standard fare) the Allegre management took almost all of our deposit, despite my and my roommate's immense cleaning effort.

Caution: rant to follow...

My girlfriend recently experienced the same situation, as when her and her roommate moved out of their unit in August 2008, they had almost half of their deposit taken, despite 4 collective days of cleaning between two large families and significant others. After being told that they wouldn't need touch-up paint because the manager told her that "the whole complex was being painted, don't worry about it," they were still charged for painting the whole unit. Not to mention the "heavy" carpet cleaning that was charged to them even after I spent a whole day cleaning it myself, pulling up nothing but black, dirty water from the steam cleaner. Was this place even cleaned prior to my girlfriend and her roommate moving in? Not really, because there was dust and stained carpet on move-in day. Kinda questionable... And yes, Allegre Management - please do leave your name, don't comment anonymously in defense of a shady apartment complex. Warning to future tenants...TAKE PICTURES OF THE ENTIRE UNIT BEFORE YOU MOVE IN AND BE PREPARED TO FIGHT FOR YOUR DEPOSIT! In closing: do you know of any other complex that gives tenants a FIVE PAGE document on how to clean your apartment when moving out...but not when moving in? --["Users/NicholasKent-Basham"]
    * 2009-2-06 Just to explain that peoples idea of cleaning and move in ready clean are two different things. Most tenants live at Allegre and never actually clean their apartments or even vacuum. They simply put dishes away or pick up large items on the floor by hand. Those same people try to clean that apartment in 3 or 4 days. That much long term dirt and damage cannot be reversed so fast. We often have to send it 2 or 3 full crews to work for a solid 5 to 6 hours. Most tenants make no attempt to even scrub the tubs. I admit the materials the tubs are constructed out of suck, but thats just how it goes. These tubs will often take a professional 2 solid hours of industrial strength acids and scrubbing to make them white again. Simply because the cleaning habits on tenants are not proper. We take pictures and always show them to the tenants when they try to argue that they did clean. When they see it in the pictures, we usually get the answer, "well my roommate said she/he cleaned it" Allegre is a great place to live. The prices are cheaper than the surrounding properties, we have excellent response times for any maintenance items, they even go out of their way to install things purchased by the tenants for the apartments. --'''Management'''
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''2010-04-09 02:32:29'' [[nbsp]] If you are on this site because you really want advice about this place then please read carefully each comment. This is the worst place to live in Davis and definitely the worst MANAGERS you will ever meet. If you like to be belittled, discriminated, lied about, then live here. I first read all the negative comments posted here before i moved in and THEY ARE ALL TRUE. Yes there are ANTS, YES THE MANAGEMENT IS HORRIBLE --["Users/AllegreSucks"]
   I live here at Allegre too (cutechristine) and have never been discriminated against, belittled, or lied about? If you really took the negative comments to heart than why did you move in? There are ants, but all you have to do is call management and the exterminator comes the next day and gets rid of your problem! How is that bad management? Its saddening to see people come on this site and gripe about things without reasoning...

DSC_0012.JPGNight view from a balcony

1659 Drew Circle
(South Davis, across from Sharps and Flats and in front of Tanglewood)
<allegreapartments AT gmail DOT com>
[WWW]Website Link
[WWW]Affordable Housing units available
Central heat/air Dishwasher/microwave
Covered parking Handicapped access
Laundry BBQ area
Study room DSL available
Cable access Balconies/patios
Washer/dryer hookup Computer room
Exercise room Pool/spa
Basketball court Playgrounds

Allégre Apartments has two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, as well as an acute accent on the first "e". Rents range from $1,385/month to $2,245/month [Sept. 2010]. Several units have a loft, walk-in closets, and private balconies/patios. Some units have a washer and dryer, and if not, you have the option of renting one for an extra $30 a month. There is an exercise room with new weight equipment, a pool and spa, basketball court, playgrounds, and covered bike racks. The complex is managed by JCA Management, Inc. and is on Unitrans M & W bus lines.

The South Davis Bike Path runs behind the apartments and connects to the Arboretum, which is very useful when you miss the bus, since it is about a ten minute bike ride to campus. It is much better than riding the overpass, since you don't have to worry about being smushed by the bus you just missed. It is little known that when taken the other way, the bike path leads to a maze of Escheresque bike paths that will literally take you anywhere in southeast Davis.

Despite the management's adding an accent to the first "e" (presumably out of a concern that people will mispronounce the name of the complex) no one is entirely sure exactly how "Allégre" is pronounced. Most Davis residents pronounce it "Ah-ley-gray".

To learn about other rental housing options in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

DSC_0028.JPGsome units have built in bookcases

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2005-10-08 04:16:30   A great thing about this place that a lot of people might not be aware of: there are ALWAYS free cookies in the office. They are always delicious. -Greg —GregoryGaye

2006-09-16 16:50:31   My roomates and I pay 1985 for a four bedroom. It'd be nice if two of the bedrooms where shareable, but for South Davis, that's not a bad price at all. —SeatonTsai

2007-07-07 20:03:30   I'm surprised that not a lot of people have commented about this place. Overall, I think it's a nice place to live if you're able to get good rates for it. However, people here like to party and talk out loud and laugh in their drunken state on their balconies at 3 in the morning (occasionally). The maintenance guy is pretty nice, but if your repair doesn't get fixed within a few days, chances are he/they have forgotten about the repair order (so you'd have to remind them). And if you take the bus, the W line is oftentimes either a bit late, or packed full of students. And for the upper floor apts., having the "bathroom sink" outside right next to the dining room is a little weird. —at86

2007-09-25 13:44:33   Joanna is right, this place is overpriced and very cheaply built. Lots of stuff in the apartment broke and we had to have it repaired. They switched managers half way through us living there, and the new people refused to make cookies as much. We randomly were accused by the managers of abusing a police dog, when none of my roommates did it. Three people from the apartment had bikes and they were all stolen, along with my car stereo and a few other things. The gardeners come early and use loud machines right near your window to wake you up. For the price you pay, this place is not worth it. —KyleScollin

2008-01-15 16:29:09   This place is overpriced and too small if you are sharing a room. Management isn't that great due to the slow upkeep. They also don't care about privacy because we had times where the maintence came in and without our consent. The walls are really thin, so you can hear everyone and everyone can probably hear you. A lot of little problems in the apartments, plumbing system, lights, closets, and squeaky floorboards. For such a high price might as well live in sharps & flats. —Anonymous2

2008-02-13 16:38:51   This is a great apartment complex, the management staff is awesome, it's well lit and safe at night time, parking sucks sometimes, but overall a really good place to live. Good location and bedroom sizes are decent for the price, for South Davis especially! —KatParpana

2008-03-10 01:12:05   Allegre raised their prices so the ones listed above is not correct. Allegre is overpriced, the rooms definitely cannot be shared (they are too small). However the neighborhood is great, the crime rates here are low to none and the apartments itself are pretty new and clean. The maintenance people are great too (that is if you don't have the low income plan). One thing i must complain about is the printers in the printing room; they claim to provide printers for residents however they are always out of service (whether its low on toner or its just broken). Another thing is that the dryers in the community laundry room do not work too great. It takes at least two times in order for it to dry. —evelyn10

2008-09-08 14:50:09   I lived here from 2006-2007 and it as an okay place to live. It was nice living in a newer apartment, and they were cool about fixing things on time. However, there was a lot of wasted space in the floorplans, and the rooms really were too small to share. My roomate and I shared the master room, and the only way both our beds and desks fit was by bunkbeds. The prices are high for Davis, but not for South Daivs, which I guess is fair. Also, I lived in the corner floor apartment next to were the apartment complex met tanglewood and the mobile home park (i think that is what it was), and there was a large crack that people would walk through at all hours of the night. The complex did try to fix this, but they didn't do a very good job while i lived there, despite numerous complaints.

It was really nice that they had washer and dryers avalilable for a fixed prices (it was worth it with 5 people in an apt). They did, however, take almost all of our security deposit, despite the fact our apt was cleaner when we moved out then when we moved in. All in all, nice place to live, if you have the money and want something newer and don't need to share a room. —ascapoccia

2008-09-08 14:53:03   also, for whoever is going through and adding comments about the comments and is obvoiusly management, could you please leave your name afterwards. It would be nice to know who is anwsering all the comments, as well a fair for those who are looking at the page. —ascapoccia

2009-01-14 16:31:21   The deposit thing happened to us too. We actually HIRED a carpet cleaner and they STILL took money from our deposit for that. I mean the carpets were spotless and two days were spent cleaning the place! I am still so angry about that, they took more than 50% of our deposit, and the apartment looked the same (if not better) than we moved in. I called them to ask them why and was given vague, uninformed answers. I think this place is too expensive for the size of the rooms, but I guess for South Davis it is normal. I would suggest for people to look in a different area for better priced apartments.Also if you do live her DO NOT live by the pool, it is so loud all the time since people just hop the fence and go swimming in the middle of the night while drunk.

But there were good points, the management was fairly nice and the repairman was always really prompt and fixed things very quickly. Also the cookies in the office were good.

The master bedrooms are really a normal sized bedroom in a house, and the singles are tiny which irks me but it is what it is. —sgent

2009-02-24 17:08:12   Only live in Allegre if you enjoy being talked to like a child by the management. Although the apartments are nice and a step up from many places in Davis, the manager and almost every office employee are condescending to students, and take advantage of their renters. My roommates and I were good tenants but the management constantly treated us like we were idiots. Students' rights in regard to renting are generally limited and abused by most apartment complexes in Davis, but the management here has no regard for who is living in the apartment, so long as their vacancies are filled and they are making money. —ginger4

2009-05-03 18:24:41   I strongly disagree with many of the comments below—I think Allegre is by far one of the BEST apartments to live in at Davis. I say this because the management (especially James) and maintenance are extremely competent, and I believe that the you get the high quality that you pay for. I live in a four bedroom flat and I have yet to see an apartment more spacious anywhere in Davis. Any problems/issues that we have had during the past year have been handled professionally and efficiently by the management. Allegre is a GREAT place to live and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality living experience. AND The cookies are amazing but they are always gone before I get to them! —Anisha

2009-05-08 11:16:58   Allegre is a GREAT place to live!!! I lived here this past year and I know some people were complaining about the managment but luckily that lady is fired and gone! Jaymes is really helpfullll, you can talk to him if you ever have problems with your unit or roommates and he'll try to help you out :) I definitely think Allegre is one of the best places to live in Davis and the prices are reasonable considering you're living in South Davis!! I would highlyyy recommend living here to anyone who's looking for a nice apartment and great management who will help you out if you ever need it! The pool is great btw =) If you had problems with management before, you probably didn't talk to Jaymes!! I'm looking forward to living here again next yearrr!! —toni88

2009-05-13 20:18:10   The management and maintenance staff is amazing, their prices are very competitive, and the apartments are spacious. I would definitely recommend living here. —TimJ

2009-05-14 02:53:26   Do not live here! The place looked ok when we first moved tons of problems mid year, everything breaks, because they don't replace anything until it's completely worn down. Plus the manager James loves to tow everyone's car so add another $310 to your rent. —vincentkimle

2009-05-14 14:03:04   Umm... if you actually have a permit like you're supposed to, your car won't get towed. Shocker, right? —TimJ

2009-05-21 13:18:44   I think the management or should I say manager is truly the most unprofessional man I have met and the way he treats us students and employees is horrible. He belittles people and acts like he is so much better then everyone. No one deseves to be treated like you treat people! Open your eyes and grow up! —bernard12345


2009-05-28 02:28:39   I've been living here since 2006 through sept 2009 and have been here since the change in management. All in all, this is a great place to live. I've been in the 3 bedroom townhouse and the 4 bedroom flat so I know what I'm talking about. The townhouses get pretty hot in the summer if you don't use the AC in order to save on electricity. The management is nice and appliances usually get fixed within the day or up to 3-5 days depending on the situation. We had a big dryer problem that took weeks to fix since the management kept misdiagnosing the problem and had to send out two tech specialist to look it over. The rooms are big enough for one person and master bedrooms are tight for two. The flat has a huge and spacious living and kitchen area, which is more than you probably need. The parking here is amazing! I simply love how much space there is and parking is available to all fri-sun nights.

My biggest complaint of all is the ANTs! I thought at first that it was maybe just my apartment, but even when I switched from the townhouse to the flat, there were ants everywhere. It got so bad to the point where ants would crawl up onto my desk while i was studying and onto my arms. My housemates had to deal with the same problem, so it wasn't just my room. We told management over and over. They gave us these "industrial strength" ant baits and told us to put a little cap of water with maybe a little bit of peanut butter. This did not work at all! I still have loads of baits in our drawers because they were just as useless as all the other baits on the market. We even had the management call out the pest control guy to spray ant pesticide around the area. They told us they could only spray in limited areas since it would also interfere with our neighbors areas. The spray helped for a few days I'll admit, but by the end of the week we had trails of ants everywhere! (A favorite hobby of ours was lets wake up in the morning and see how badly our kitchen or bathroom was infected and then wipe them away) There were many days when we had to eat out because ants got into the cabinets and our pots and pans. Consequently we gave up on it and even management didn't have a real good answer except that it was a seasonal occurrence. This is partially true since the ant problem started in the december and lasted through the winter into the early spring at which point they would seemingly disappear??

I would highly recommend this apartment complex to anyone who wants a relatively affordable place to stay in the nice south davis (assuming you have a few other housemates) if it weren't for the ants. If the ant problem was fixed I would have renewed my contract for yet another year, but 2 and half years is enough of this. Maybe someday it will be remedied. And for anyone who was wondering I use to live in 2070 and moved downstairs in the same building complex, so maybe it's just that building that has problems and you should stay away. —falconsfury

I do like how you said Management misdiagnosed the issue, yet we kept sending specialists out to see what was wrong. I remember that dryer issue. The first time the repairmen did a diagnostic on it, it passed everything. I was confused since you mentioned how it wasn't working. When they came out the next time it was discovered that the clothes in there were in just perfectly to hide the problem. Needless to say that tech felt stupid.
WOW, I never said it was a seasonal occurrence. I have said ants will relocate when there home gets flooded when it rains. Sometimes they move into buildings. That is why we use Welty Pest Control. That guy does regular scheduled maintenance outside every single apartment all month long. We had a problem with our old landscape company refusing to trim back trees where the branches were allowing ants to get into apartments. If you have noticed, they were fired! A new company has started and they are fixing all the errors of the last company. I hate the ants as much as anyone. My daughter screams at the top of her lungs when she sees them. I swear one day I am going to go deaf or have a heart attack. Welty comes out whenever a tenant requests interior pest control. He usually shows up with in an hour of calling. That is a great turn around time. We also give out the ant traps that the exterminator gives us. He has always told me as well as any tenant he talks to never ever use anything like Raid. That actually makes it more difficult to find the nest and kill them. Use soapy water or Windex or something of that nature to spray them. When Welty does provide inside service he inspects how they are getting in, and why they chose your apartment. He tells everyone how to get rid of them fast, but most people don't listen. There is always food left out, dirty dishes in sink and trash cans open for easy access. Once you get ants, its far from fun ( i have had them most of this year because tenants leaving food in the lobby and then the ants move in) but they can be stopped in all occurrences. You just have to work with pest control. We always have a supply of ant traps in the office for you guys. Its great stuff.

2009-06-05 16:12:53   I agree with Joanna, the inside looked decent enough when I first moved in, but as the months passed by many flaws in repairs were apparent. The microwave broke, paint started chipping off because of a bad paint job(instead of cleaning the walls, they tried to paint over the existing fungus that had developed), the dryer broke, and the ac broke (which did not get fixed until august 2 months after I had requested it being fixed. All of this was dew to bad management, but instead was deducted from our deposit. Plus the manager is a jerk and loves to tow cars. —jon217


2009-09-02 20:10:40   it has its good qualities and bad ones, the good thing looks very clean.

but prices can be unfair, i got a 3bedroom for 1800, and all of my friends got theirs for around 1700...allegre needs to think other ways to make up to the people who are overpaying, we're just college students! —emme

2009-09-15 16:06:04   I believe this is a great apartment complex overall! The rent is comparably lower (a several hundred dollars) than other South Davis apartments, and the management is awesome :) They are quick about responding, and any problems can be solved in a day or two. The manager, James, is a very bright guy who cares about the tenants, and Katelyn makes the best cookies everyday!! I mean, you walk into the office to check you mail and you see a big plate full of warm cookies. I don't know why people think Allegre is such a bad apartment, I love this place :) —username2094

2009-09-22 12:30:50   I have a three bedroom flat and i love it! the kitchen and living room are spacious. The pricing of the apartment is also pretty good, especially for south davis. The bike path is very close and it's easy to get to campus. —User2009

2009-09-29 16:10:33   I lived here the last year and it was just ok overall. The management is kinda rude. They talk down to students as renters and act like we know nothing. The prices are high and they are not fair (I saw a craigslist ad for my floor plan listed at $300 dollars a month less than what we were paying)

They have an ABSURD tow policy. My roommate had a temporary permit for his car that he wasn't going to have in town too long and his car was towed within 24 hours of it expiring. Towing is heavy and without warning, even high volume parking places like on campus at the colleges with at least only give a ticket or sticker you so you have a fair warning. Allgre just auto-tows. The manager did later apologize for the towing via email but never offered any compensation and we still lost almost all of our deposit even though we spent a good 10 hours cleaning the place out.

Dear management, there is a reason you still have so many large units left. It is not the Davis market or the economy. You treat residents badly. You tow are friends, parents, and significant others. Sure you are nice enough in person, but you are rude a lot of the rest of the time. Examples, unfair prices, demeaning worded notices, giving back little to no security deposit. TREAT RESIDENTS BETTER. —NickAltman

2009-11-24 12:03:33   I currently live here and when I moved in, it was VERY dirty. There were dead bugs in every room, the toilets were not clean, the kitchen was filthy, and the carpets were not vacuumed. It seemed like they didn't clean it at all. Also, both bathrooms were missing a shower rod, and we didn't get a new one for a few days. ALLEGRE, how do you expect your tenants to move in (they refused us to give us a later move-in date) and the apartment is not even ready?! When we moved in, both screen doors were broken and they haven't even replaced them yet...It's been 3 months. It's VERY annoying to live in an apartment with so many problems. Also, I think the towing thing is ridiculous. Does Allegre think that their tenants do not have guests?! The cookies are a nice idea...Until I heard from one of my neighbors that she saw one of the allegre workers taking 10 and putting them in a ziploc bag. —Viiiiiiiiv


If your screen doors are broken please come in and see me and turn in a work order. We can't fix them if they are there and appear to work.
Towing: Yes it is ridiculous. I agree 100%. I wish no complex had to tow. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of spots. Just enough for our tenants. Our tenants come first for the parking spaces. If you want to give up your privileges to your parking space, I would be happy to tell security they don't have to monitor the parking situation. Oh and on a side note, we know you have guest and we have always provided guest parking permits. They even have designated parking spots that say "Guest Parking". All of that is mentioned on the addendum you sign prior to moving in. We also do not tow on Friday day/night, Saturday day/night and during all scheduled school breaks, and major holidays. I know lots of complexes that tow 24 hours a day/365 days a year. We will never do that. Viiv, I need you to do me a favor and come see me about the cookie issue. Cookies are primarily for tenants and guests. I WANT to know who took that many! That is considered theft and I wont tolerate that.
Viiv, always come see me, the Manager, if you have an issue. I get things done and if I can't I always know someone that can. Please come see me for now on, not the leasing agent. Sometimes I am out walking apartments or inspecting units, but I am never more than 5 minutes away.
I am serious, I would like if you came in and spoke to me about who denied you later date and who took all those cookies!
Allegre Management -allegreapartments

2009-12-29 16:41:52   Sh**y apartment complex I've ever lived at. Imagine moving from Primero Grove on campus to this dump. Sure it was a little cheaper, but poor management, dirty apartment complex...ghetto. I moved out after one month of living there cause I couldn't stand it. What's up with the mail room? I can't check my mail outside of their open hours cause they lock up the place and the mail is inside the building. Not accomindating at all, people do work and aren't around during their business hours. Their laundry room are a rip off, it takes like three dollars to dry b/c their machines are crappy and I'm talking about small loads of laundry. I wouldn't recommend this place. You can find other complex with comparable prices and much clearner with better management. —kikao

2010-02-03 23:23:06   I'm gonna keep it 100% honest with anyone wondering how it is to live at Allegre. First off, it is by far one of the nicest apartments in Davis. We looked at about 95% of the complexes here and Allegre really is the nicest outside and in. The floorplans are very open and incredibly spacious. I haven't seen the two bedrooms but we looked at a three bedroom townhouse and live in a four bedroom flat and they are beautiful! The kitchen is huge and a joy to cook in. There is an ant problem (where is there not is Davis) but management is incredibly speedy with taking care of any of your issues. I reported our ant problem and in two days the exterminator came and took care of everything. Same thing with any maintenance issues, very promptly taken care of. I think that many people have come here and written negative reviews but have not been VOCAL to management when it comes to problems. As long as you are vocal they will take care of ya! Haven't met Jaymes yet but every time I go during office hours Katelynn is really helpful and nice. I have not been talked down to by anyone at this complex. Overall it is a joy to live here...will certainly post another review when we are moved out!!! :) —cutechristine

2010-05-09 16:51:44   This is one of the best apartment complexes I have lived at in Davis. I am not exactly sure why so many people don't like it. The maintenance staff extremely amiable and finish their work promptly. The office staff, while not always there, are super nice and willing to answer any questions you have. The floorplans are nice and open with large windows to let in natural light. My roommates and I got ants here once, but this was easily solved with ONE ant trap from safeway. From this apartment complex you can get to numerous stores by walking and it is a short 10-15 minute bike ride to campus. The main complaint I have is that they do not allow dogs, but that's minor and I knew about it prior to moving in. —Mojito

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