Alleyshot-of-6_7_D_E.jpgAlleyshot between 6 &7, D & E

Alleys in Davis are...
narrow back streets in Old North & Central Davis
or pedestrian byways between businesses
Known alleys
Central Davis: University Ave, A Street through B Street, 1st to 5th
By Rowe Place, 3rd to 5th, between railroad tracks and I Street
Old North Davis: 6th Street and 7th street, B through G Street
Co-op Duplex Alley, between F & G, and 5th and 6th
Downtown pedestrian alley behind Mustard Seed
Tim Spencer Alley, the downtown delivery alley
Iversen Alley, the driveway into the post office on Pole Line & 5th.
E Street Alley, behind Chipotle

Interesting things to see & do in Davis alleys

stencil.jpgCheck out some Urban Art or graffiti fire.jpgSee some Exploding Things biketire.jpgGet free air for your bike
potholeson6th_7th.jpgStumble into some Davis history massage.jpgGet a massage biz_deColores.jpgWalk through the Tim Spencer Alley and buy fair-trade gifts
Get in trouble for using a loudspeaker in an alley without a registration Be on a surveillance camera behind Bistro 33 See an outdoor movie

Granny Flats

Davis alleys are the perfect environment for granny flats. Stand-alone buildings originally intended for your elderly parent or in-law, granny flats are mini-houses designed to give the resident privacy & independence, while still being close to the main house. They usually have their own kitchen (though minimal), living area, & bedroom, although often all in the same room. Granny flats often open onto alleys for maximum privacy and minimal disturbance from the street.

Once upon a time, renting a granny flat was Davis' answer to cheap housing. But now that granny flats are popping up all over the place, they are often more expensive than an apartment.

Granny_6th_7th_B_C.jpgGranny Flat in Alley between 6th & 7th, B &CGranny_construction.jpgGranny Flat under constructionGranny_fancy.jpgGranny Flat - fancy versionFort not flat.jpgIs it a flat, or a fort?

Alley Art


More alley images.

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