Alpha Delta Chi


A Christian Sorority


[WWW]Alpha Delta Chi (ADX) is the Christian sorority at UC Davis. The Nu Chapter has been in Davis since 1992 and has a current active membership of approximately 15 women.

fall2007actives_pledges.JPGADX Fall 2007 welcoming Alpha Epsilon class

ADX girls can be found all over Campus in a variety of majors and activities. You will often see ADX girls praying at the flagpole at noon, swing dancing at the Midtown Stomp with College Life, studying at Starbucks, tabling for 1000 Wells, or working out at the ARC.

ADX also partners with Alpha Gamma Omega (AGO) for events such as the Charity Classic flag football tournament, Coins for Change (supporting [WWW]Leukemia and Lymphoma research) and Refuge, a low-key worship night held every Wednesday night at 9:45pm at the AGO house (310 Parkway Circle).

Alpha_Delta_Chi_Sandwich.JPGGift from Alpha Gamma Omega

ADX also has fabulous formals and semi-formals each year, as well as an annual Christmas party with their brother fraternity, Alpha Gamma Omega.

ADX currently does not have a house but meets weekly at the Davis Chinese Christian Church on Anderson Road, behind Rite Aid.

ADX will have Rush again Spring Quarter, 2010. Check out our [WWW]website and [WWW]blog for pictures, updates, and information about events!

Random Facts about ADX:

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