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AFC was started by former Campus Cinema employee & movie buff James Hirsh during the Fall of 2002. After Hirsh graduated in 2003, the club was run by Rob Roy and others in the Pirate Ship. The club used to meet every Wednesday at 8:30 pm in 2 Wellman where they would show "alternative films." There has been little mention of its activity as of late, but we can always hope the club will pop up again. The [WWW]Alternative Film Club has exposed many a student to all sorts of cool, entertaining films.

Recently, SPAC has added to its organization application forms questions regarding film viewings: are going to show a film or not? And if you do, what is the purpose? And most importantly: do you have permission to show the film? Have you contacted the people who own the copyright? So, this said, the Alternative Film Club is not likely to be revived.

Film buffs, check out Retro Film Revival. Sacramento's Crest Theatre also runs a yearly event called [WWW]Trash Film Orgy.

Here's a list of movies screened at AFC:

As quoted in [The California Aggie] (10/28/02):

Irene Park: "They show interesting movies, not like the kind you see in the theaters. They are just amusing."

Liz Rard: "They show a good variety of films, more than just what is considered mainstream. They show stuff not everyone will like. It's good to be offended."

Rachel Maximo: "It's a good chance to meet people and make friends. It's a club for the people. You get to see movies you haven't seen before for free. So come and watch - you have nothing to lose."

Anneliese Kaufman: "It's not formal; you don't have to be a member; you don't have to do anything. Just come and watch the movies."


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2005-09-01 15:25:07   Well, you can only fit so many people in a cuarto dorm, and the sound and picture will probably suck. What you can do is find out when 2 Wellman is unoccupied, and hold renegade AFC showings in there. However, if someone else has reserved the room or needs to clean it, you get kicked out. —ArlenAbraham

2005-09-01 15:33:22   while I was busy with Moving Day I came across an old flyer for the old AFC with James, from 2002-2003, I believe. :p I brought my copy of This is Spinal Tap for viewing once, the French subtitles strangely got left on. —IrenePark

2005-09-14 14:20:37   I'm just back from spending 5 years in Central Europe and the Balkans and have a ton of foreign films I'd love to show. I'm good for the underground approach at that hall. Shall we set a meeting date and see if we can get a few people to show up to at least talk the idea over? —AaronBurda

2005-09-15 13:20:41   The problem with scheduling renegade meetings is that it's hard to know what the schedule of the room is going to be free. —ArlenAbraham

[[DateTime()]] Paraphrasing a lot of what IrenePark sent me in an email, unless we want to get into a lot of legal stuff about publicly showing a film, contacting copy right owners, etc. we have to make our showings a "non public viewing" but at the same time push the boundaries of that as far as we possibly can. We wouldn't be able to do promotion of any event officially but word of mouth would probably more than suffice (as well as the wiki). In terms of location, since we can't officially ask for permission to use some equipment (that would require copyright permission) we'd have to do it with a nod and a wink from either some professor/graduate student who knows the schedule of a room and can tell us when nothing will be going on there for 3 hours. As long as there is no promotion, no donations/fees, no major problems for the department (including cleaning up) and nothing is official with the clubs organization we may be able to find somebody to help us. Other than that I think we'd have to have a really small club of max 15 people and watch films at somebodies place (not a bad alternative, although somewhat restrictive). —AaronBurda

2005-09-15 22:55:11   Swank seems a bit extreem for a film club. Maybe what you're looking to do, Aaron, is revive Campus Cinema... —ArlenAbraham

2005-09-17 09:48:56   What medium does swank give you? Is it a 35mm reel? I'd be willing to pay $5 to see something in 35, but i don't (currently) know how to run a projector. That being said, someone at my place of work could probably teach me. —ArlenAbraham

2005-09-20 10:00:38   Since we're starting out small, do we want to set a date/pick a film/pick a location for a first meeting? If we all show up at lecture hall A and there's a class or something, we can always walk to lecture hall B. Also, do we plan on doing any non-wiki/non-word-of-mouth advertising? —ArlenAbraham

2005-10-16 21:19:45   I came across this jewel and felt I had to share it with you, my Wiki friends. Read Roger's moving essay, then look at the printer-friendly (text) listing of the 100 greatest films: [WWW]

go here to see when rooms are available: [WWW]

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