Alternatives to Buying


Alternatives to Buying are discussed on this page. Minimizing your purchases is one way to live cheaply. Also see Wanted, Book Trading, Dumpster Diving, Free or Cheap Clothes, Resource Recovery Exchange, Free Food, and Discounts and Freebies

  1. Food
    1. Growing your own food
    2. Complimentary Continental Breakfasts
    3. Condiments
    4. For UCDavis Students
  2. Disposable products
  3. Entertainment
  4. Furnish your Apartment
  5. Media
  6. Services
  7. Transportation
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Growing your own food

Beware: the startup costs in growing your own food, depending on what you grow, can sometimes exceed whatever you might save during your first harvest. Either plant a lot and collaborate with friends, or expect to recoup your investment over time.

Complimentary Continental Breakfasts


If you're going to take some extra, it's probably wise not to take a whole ton and to ask for permission. A few extra packets at a time will not offend anyone. But taking a whole lot at once will likely lead to tighter control of the wonderful sauce packets and sporks. Be mindful that condiment packets involve a lot of packaging for very little product, and contribute to our landfill problems.

For UCDavis Students

Disposable products

See also Whole Earth Festival.


Furnish your Apartment




External guides

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