Amateur Radio Service

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ham-article.pngHams have been in Davis for a long time. From the March 16, 1916 edition of the Weekly Agricola The Amateur Radio Service is a FCC licensed radio service. In order to get a license, you must take a [WWW]written, multiple guess test. You used to need to pass a morse code test to get a license, then you just needed it for long distance transmissions (shortwave bands). As of February 2007 the morse code requirement has been completely dropped. But, you should learn it anyway if you get a license because morse code is for cool people! You can learn more about Amateur Radio from the [WWW]National ARRL organization, the local Yolo Amateur Radio Society or from the Yolo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service organization. You can find a list of upcoming exam sessions [WWW]here.

If you are a Local Davis resident with a license or used to be active in the Davis area, feel free to add your name to this list:

Name Call Sign Still on the air?
WesHardaker [WWW]WS6Z Yes
WilliamLewis KG6YMG Occasionally
NickSchmalenberger KG6PIP Yes, infrequently
PatrickFish W6HBD Off and on
JonathanLawton KF6SLW Yes, Rarely
JessicaLuedtke KI4DTN Yes
PopeChristof KI4DTO Yes
JasonAller KI6OBF Yes
AndrewPotter KI6KVZ Occasionally
DarinWick KG6GFQ Seldom
AlisonKent KI6IMU Yes

Amateur operators have traditionally also been referred to as HAM Operators.

Local Talk

Local HAMs who frequently chat in the Davis Wiki IRC chat-room have generally agreed to listen to the Vacaville repeater at freq: 147.000 MHz, tx offset: -.6 MHz, PL 136.5 Hz for Davis specific "rag-chewing". This repeater generally gets good coverage in Davis and is frequently available.

Chatting about local HAM online

In addition to the many local HAMs hanging out in the Davis Wiki IRC chat room, there is also a #ham channel on the IRC server that was created by WesHardaker.

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