Animal Liberation Front


Considered by some to be a terrorist group and others to be freedom fighters, the ALF has burned down campus buildings and is active in the area around Davis, setting fire to new developments in the region.

Thurman Laboratory (1987)

The most expensive damage in animal protest history, the building was burned down. For more information, see the Thurman Laboratory entry.

Center for Comparative Medicine (1997)

On March 18, 1997 during the construction of the Center for Comparative Medicine, there was an arson event that the ALF claimed credit for. About 10 square feet were damaged for under $1,000 of damage.

Thurman Laboratory (1997)

On April 20th, thirty-two animal activists were arrested and charged with trespassing, resisting arrest, vandalism, and wearing a mask during the commission of a crime. From 11am to 3pm, thirty-four protesters demonstrated in front of the site of the 1987 arson event.

Police arrested and jailed 29 adults and three juveniles:

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