AokiramaCardozorama until it was renamed for late Professor Keith Aoki in 2011—is a yearly variety show put on by students of the School of Law. Since the 2001-02 academic year, it has been held at the Varsity Theater. One of the oldest King Hall traditions, the first Cardozorama was held in the early 70s.

cardozorama.jpg Features:

One year in the ancient past, Cardozorama entered a float in Picnic Day that consisted of a flatbed pickup with a vertical pole. Oh yeah, and they hired an exotic dancer to entertain using this set. Needless to say Cardozorama had a bit of a much-deserved image problem for several decades, but in the last decade, it has greatly improved its image.

The name is in honor of [wikipedia]Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo.


TomGarberson and Kalen Gallagher with a surprise mockery of Joshua "DooX" Kushner's high school photo at Cardozorama 2009

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