Area Music Teachers


The three resources for music teachers and lessons in Davis are Davis Music Teachers Association, the UC Davis Music Department, and [WWW]Watermelon Music. The information on this page is partly derived from the [WWW]DMTA Roster, and also lists non-DMTA teachers.

Instrument Name Openings? Email Phone Location DMTA? Notes
accordion/piano [WWW]Juan Kuffner openings mail <> (530)830-2417 East Davis & everywhere no Beginners welcome
banjo/guitar [WWW]David Abramson openings mail <> (530)902-8223 My Downtown Studio or Your Place no Learn your favorite songs and jams! Beginner and Intermediate
cello Courtney Castaneda openings mail <> (916)600-7566 In home yes
cello Julie Hochman none mail <> (530)758-5577 North Davis yes
cello Hiram Jackson mail <> (530)753-4814 no
cello/double bass [WWW]Priscilla Hawkins none mail <> (530)753-1927 South Davis yes
cello/piano Elizabeth Grunin openings mail <> (916)239-8646 In home yes beginning piano
cello [WWW]Daniel Lemes openings mail <> (805) 284-3543 In home - West Davis yes all levels + traditional method
clarinet Erin Finkelstein openings mail <> (916)296-9068 Watermelon Music yes
clarinet Mia Ibrahim openings mail <> 574-1498 In home yes
double bass Greg Brucker mail <> (530)758-4647 no
double bass/bass guitar David O'Keefe All ages & levels mail <> (530)574-5081 In your home yes All styles
double bass/bass guitar David N. Sachs openings mail <> (949)874-4073 Downtown/North Davis no All skill levels
double bass/electric bass/guitar [WWW]Max Abrahams openings mail <> (415)533-4622 Downtown/Central Davis yes All ages and levels, learn rock, jazz and more
drums/tabla Parteek Singh Bansal mail <> (646)510-4910 Davis, Woodland, Sacramento: in home yes all levels offered: classical, folk, and fusion
drums [WWW]Jim Frink openings mail <> (530)750-9427 Central Davis yes all ages and levels
drums/tabla [WWW]Alex Jenkins mail <> (916)799-8751 campus, Downtown, Sacramento yes
drums/xylophone [WWW]Brian Manchen openings mail <> (216)598-0346 South Davis yes
drums David O'Keefe All ages & levels mail <> (530)574-5081 In your home yes Jazz, Rock
electric bass Ray Yukich mail <> (562)431-9516 no
flute Daphna Dror mail <> (530)756-5369 no Suzuki method
flute Betsy Feldman mail <> (530)758-5787 no
flute [WWW]Anna Leslie mail <> (530)574-8839 Central Davis yes Suzuki, flute and recorder
flute [WWW]Susan Monticello mail <> (530)750-3112 North Davis yes
flute [WWW]Sue Sheya openings mail <> (530)-746-8783 South Davis yes all flutes: classical, folk, ethnic; free intro lessons
flute Virginia Thigpen none mail <> (530)756-5986 West Davis yes Suzuki method
flute/piccolo Shannon Jimenez mail <> (530)848-5508 no bilingual in Spanish
flute/piccolo Maquette Kuper openings mail <> (530)756-7380 North Davis yes flute, piccolo, alto & bass flutes
flute/piccolo Alice Lenaghan mail <> (916)929-6775 Sacramento yes modern flute and traverso
flute/piccolo [WWW]Rachel Taylor Geier openings mail <> (530)400-5438 South Davis & Watermelon yes [WWW]website
french horn Pete Nowlen mail <> (916)806-2229 no intermediate and professional
french horn Scott Sablan mail <> (530)902-1692 Davis no beginning students, all ages
french horn/trumpet Veronica Ricks mail <> (916)419-5657 Natomas no All levels
guitar Sam Dickey openings mail <> (530)848-3496 East Davis yes also n'goni; jazz, West African, rock, folk, blues
guitar Brian Hall mail <> (530)758-0389 no electric/acoustic
guitar Leon Hu mail <> (530)400-2672, (530)758-9381 no electric/acoustic
guitar [WWW]Henry Stanley openings mail <> (650)793-5833 Davis yes All styles; greatest expertise in rock, folk, and classical; ages 7+
guitar [WWW]Matthew Grasso mail <> (530)759-9071 East Davis yes classical guitar, theory, improvisation
guitar Cory Mann mail <> (530)753-6844 West Davis no bass guitar; beginners only
guitar Keith Richman mail <> (530)312-4114 Woodland no all styles, all ages, beginning to advanced
guitar Brian Rivers mail <> (530)204-7162 East Davis, in home yes songwriting, theory, improvisation; ensemble recordings
guitar Josh Sawyer mail <> (510)329-5679 In home yes
guitar Jeffery Schroeder mail <> (925)330-9663 Central Davis, High School no Rock, Lead Guitar, Classical, Music Theory and Notation, Jazz, Folk, Pop, all types All Levels,
guitar Chris Wisnia openings mail <> 400-1794 Downtown Davis yes
guitar John Wolfe openings mail <> 400-1510, 758-6380 Downtown Davis yes also bass guitar, songwriting and theory
guitar/bass Mike Clements mail <> (530)908-6637 Downtown Davis, Watermelon Music no rock, lead guitar, metal, music theory; all Levels; owner of [WWW]RockBand University
guitar/drums Sean Winbourne openings mail <> 978-502-5136 In home yes electric bass and guitar
guitar/flute [WWW]Colin Joseph Borges openings mail <> (530)219-9613 Central & Downtown Davis yes song-based learning; also ukelele and pennywhistle
guitar/piano Trista Stanley (530)848-4316 no all styles; theory, history, composition
multiple Carolinne Araneda mail <> (530)297-7354 East Davis yes piano, voice, recorder; bilingual in Spanish
multiple Mark Bjerke openings mail <> (415)858-9830 In home yes
multiple Stephen Brown mail <> (530)757-2955 North Davis no Alexander Technique: Lessons are appropriate for all instruments
multiple Bob Comarow openings mail <> (530) 746-2030 Northwest Davis, in home yes guitar, piano, double bass, electric bass
multiple [WWW]Matt Dudman mail <> (530)400-3872 no guitar, bass, voice, mandolin; bluegrass, folk, rock, etc.; all ages and levels
multiple Joseph Evans mail <> (530)757-2366 no guitar, piano, voice
multiple Melissa Rae Frago mail <melissafrago@comcast.nt> (530)759-7881 no clarinet, saxophone, voice; beginning trumpet, trombone, flute
multiple Robert Alfred Smith mail <> (530)750-2272 West Davis yes band, strings, piano, keyboard, voice, theory
multiple Kindermusik mail <> (530)902-4871 West Davis no Age 18 months to 1st grade: singing, dancing, percussion instruments, music education for parents
multiple Music Stream Center mail <> (530)220-2857 Central Davis yes group and private pre-school lessons: Suzuki, violin, viola, zither, piano, guitar
multiple Music Together of Davis mail <> (530)848-9188 Davis Arts Center/PTDW no birth to age 6: singing, percussion instruments
multiple RockBand University mail <> (408)505-7609 Olive Dr. no rock band rehearsals, group lessons, recording, guitar, bass, drums, etc... [WWW]RockBand University
oboe Jennifer Arnoth mail <> (530)754-0389 no
oboe/English horn Molly Jo Scott openings mail <> 219-6420 North Davis or in home yes
piano Tekla Babyak openings mail <> (530)757-1468 West Davis yes also music theory, composition
piano Joan Ball none mail <> (530)753-3066 South Davis yes
piano Louise Bettner openings mail <> (530)902-1510 Northeast Davis yes
piano Vanlapa Boon-Long (530)756-6070 North Davis yes
piano Sandra Brown none mail <> (530)756-1889 East Davis yes
piano Paul Brunelle (530)756-3159 no
piano Hana Butterfield openings mail <> (530)867-4575 In home yes
piano Lori Carter openings (530)219-3395 West Davis yes
piano Huei-Ping Chen Lin none mail <> (530)757-2579 South Davis yes theory, pedagogy, combination group and individual classes; Suzuki and traditional
piano I-Hui Chen openings mail <> (530)863-9587 Central Davis yes
piano Ning Chen mail <> (530)297-7953 North Davis yes bilingual in Mandarin Chinese
piano Yvonne Clinton mail <> (530)753-1711 Central Davis yes Suzuki method
piano Phil Cooper mail <> (530)906-2887, (530)661-7536 no
piano [WWW]Lara Downes mail <> (530)902-4554 West Davis yes advanced
piano Rick Drager mail <> (530)756-6783 no classical and jazz
piano Sandy Granett mail <> (530)756-1362 Central Davis yes
piano Naomi Halverson mail <> (707)678-0481 Dixon yes music theory
piano Melissa Hasson-Snell openings mail <> 753-6135 South Davis yes beginning to intermediate
piano Geraldine Jansen mail <> (530)753-3789 North Davis yes
piano Joshua Jordan mail <> (530)759-9863 in home yes 15 years experience. Ages 8-18
piano Elena Karnaukh openings mail <> 916-849-8842 Watermelon Music Store yes
piano David Kyle mail <> (530)756-2116 West Davis, in home yes theory and improvisation
piano Velma Lagerstrom openings mail <> 753-5800 North Davis yes
piano Marceline Lee none mail <> (530)753-0357 West Davis yes adults, early childhood classes
piano Angelina Lim openings mail <> 297-7422 West Davis yes also music theory, composition
piano Nancy Lower none mail <> (707)678-6567 Dixon yes
piano Nana Kuo mail <> (925)899-2898 West Davis, in home no all ages, beginner, bilingual in Mandarin Chinese
piano Karla Mahoney mail <> (530)792-1871 Central Davis yes piano and piano accompaniment
piano MarLyn Mainard mail <> (530)792-1398 North Davis yes intermediate and advanced levels
piano Marjorie McBee none mail <> (530)756-5100 North Davis yes
piano Barbara Meixner none mail <> (530)753-0193 North Davis yes Member, Suzuki Association of the Americas
piano Zipi Mor none (530)792-8917 Central Davis yes
piano Sayuri Mulase none mail <> (530)756-4371 South Davis yes
piano Kelly O'Bar mail <> (530)758-8689 no specializes in young beginner, but all ages accepted
piano Jana Olvera none mail <> (530)661-1942 yes Intermediate and advanced only
piano David O'Keefe All ages mail <> (530)574-5081 In your home yes Beginning & Intermediate
piano Vanessa Perkins openings mail <> 408-368-3105 In home yes
piano Molly Petrik mail <> (701)202-8527 North Davis yes MTAC member
piano Diana Privara none mail <> (530)758-8351 North Davis yes MTAC and Guild member
piano Laura S Rosso (530)753-5296 West Davis yes
piano Balazs Rozsa openings mail <> 916-878-7224 West Davis yes also music theory and accompaniment
piano Amy Sakabe mail <[Mailto(> (530)757-9228 West Davis, in home, Watermelon Music, Exp College yes
piano Briana Sawyer mail <> (925)683-4102 In home yes
piano Olga Simons mail <> (530)753-9232 Central Davis yes MTAC member
piano Debbie Smith mail <> (530)753-7835 West Davis yes
piano Larry Snyder mail <> (530)753-3591 North Davis yes
piano Marilyn Swan none mail <> (530)757-2837 North Davis yes
piano Helen Twiss none mail <> (530)756-3326 Central Davis yes
piano Jamee Wall (707)678-6515 Dixon yes
piano Merry Welker-Tolla mail <> (530)406-8583 Woodland, in home yes beginning
piano Kalista Wong (650)255-3830 no
piano Elizabeth Young mail <> (530)756-0834 North Davis yes Suzuki and traditional
piano/guitar Loshandra Ostrava mail <> (530)400-5860, (530)753-8356 East Davis yes
piano/guitar Michael Walker openings mail <> 408-529-3319 In home yes beginning
piano/harp [WWW]Karen Patterson Wecker mail <> (415)830-1770, (530)753-1741 North Davis yes
piano/harpsichord Susan Erickson mail <> (530)758-4878 Central Davis yes
piano/keyboard Frank Dupree mail <> (530)758-1362 West Davis yes
piano/voice Barbara Matwiejczyk none mail <> (530)750-3480 Central Davis yes 3-120 years
piano/voice [WWW]Naomi Berg mail <> (530)848-5797 no
piano/voice [WWW]Theresa Foster none mail <> (530)795-2956 Winters yes drama, pre-performance skills, on-stage skills
saxophone/clarinet Celia Cottle openings mail <> (530)756-4377 West Davis yes
trombone Ethan Rosenberg openings mail <> 902-5985 Central yes
trombone/tuba Brian Schlegel openings mail <> 916-320-8114 In home or Sacramento yes also euphonium
trombone/tuba [WWW]Chris Vincenti mail <> (510)538-4505, (530)753-3930 West Davis yes trombone, tuba, other low brass
trumpet Alex Koutzoukis mail <> (714)519-1027 Central Davis no all ages and skill levels
violin Bill Alexander call 530-758-1998 in home yes Celtic Fiddle
violin [WWW]Sarah Almétus mail <> (530)661-8968 West Davis yes Suzuki and traditional
violin Irina Bakyt Bekdjanov openings mail <> (916)532-5389 Sacramento yes
violin [WWW]Florie Brown openings mail <> (530)219-2725 East Davis yes Suzuki, Celtic, and American fiddling
violin [WWW]Christina Brice Dolanc waitlist mail <> (530)759-9805 West Davis yes
violin Catherine Heusner-Willefert none mail <> (530)753-3287 West Davis yes
violin [WWW]Anna Leslie mail <> (530)574-8839 Central Davis yes Suzuki
violin Heather Mori mail <> (415)823-4974 East Davis yes
violin Nicholas Weis mail <> (530)668-0826, (530)219-4215 no
violin Joseph Galamba mail <> (530)341-3008 no
violin/piano Marie Park openings mail <> Davis no beginners to intermediates; bilingual in Korean; all ages welcome
violin/piano Irina Samarina openings mail <> 916-532-2663 Sacramento yes
violin/viola Katharina Becker openings mail <> (916)213-8949 Central Davis, in your home no beginner thru advanced, all ages, bilingual in German, chamber music
violin/viola Robert S. Bloch openings mail <> (530)756-6020 South Davis yes
violin/viola [WWW]Kirill Kouznetsov openings mail <> 415-310-9399 In home yes also music theory
violin/viola Jordan Kirkner openings mail <> 609-214-1644 In home yes
violin/viola Kay Lee openings mail <> 607-227-5142 West Davis yes
violin/viola Melissa Lyans openings mail <> (530)220-4670 North Davis yes beginners, all ages
violin/viola Agnès Perroud openings mail <> (530)758-2998 Central Davis yes
violin/viola Lisa Schroffel mail <> (916)747-7601 no
violin/viola/cello Tanya Acojedo mail <> (408)431-7607 Downtown yes all ages
voice/drama Eve West Bessier openings mail <> (530)756-6021, (530) 400-4104 Central/Downtown Davis yes [WWW]Eve's Website: all styles of singing, speech, drama, youth, ensembles, groups, master classes
voice Spencer Dodd openings mail <> (530)219-9684 East Davis no
voice Vera Fontaine none mail <> (530)758-4449 North Davis yes
voice [WWW]Daniel Jackson openings mail <> (916)847-5556 Central Davis yes Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor
voice Charlene Kunitz retired mail <> (530)756-0868 North Davis yes Member, National Association of Teachers of Singing
voice Tania Mannion openings mail <> 632-9882 North Davis, Downtown yes classical
voice Elodie Perroud openings mail <> (530)204-8407 Central Davis and Woodland yes beginner to intermediate All Ages
voice Alison Skinner openings mail <> 574-8419 Central Davis yes
voice Robin Treseder mail <> (530)756-1129 no
wind Linda Deering mail <> (530)796-4210 Esparto, Capay Valley yes flute, sax, beg. clarinet, recorder, pennywhistle
wind [WWW]Adam Jenkins mail <> (530)792-7497 West Davis no saxophone, flute, clarinet - jazz specialty
wind/guitar Stan Johnson openings mail <> 756-4736 East Davis yes


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Can anyone recommend a classical or ragtime piano teacher?

2009-03-06 19:02:55   As a rule, you're lucky to find a teacher with openings, never mind "recommendations". In any case a recommendation would depend on your age, commitment, and skill level. You should contact one of the piano teachers listed here to get a good recommendation.

2010-01-09 10:01:41   Could someone please tell me how to add myself to this list? I am not DMTA but I have already set up a Davis Wiki page. [WWW] I teach Kindermusik children's music classes rather than private lessons. So the instrument listed could be Kindermusik. Thanks, Amy —musicamyl

2011-08-11 19:15:51   Watermelon instructors are scammers! I have gone to 3 different instructors, and they really want to teach you at a snail's pace so they can collect their $20-25/lesson (or $100 monthly fee for some) with minimum effort. "practice picking up the violin. next week I'll show you how to hold the bow... " AVOID!! —GeorgeG

2012-01-23 09:48:47   Note that Larry also tunes/fixes piaons —WesHardaker

2012-07-10 23:08:50   Hey GeorgeG, which instructors have you gone to? Where are you studying now? The ones at Watermelon are supposed to be really good, whereas some on this list are actually jokes. —BuyLocal

2014-01-02 17:56:12   Is there someone who can teach piano accordion? I am beginner.

2014-05-02 13:42:14   I'm looking for an easy-going instructor to teach a 30-ish male beginner piano. Any ideas? —ChrisN

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