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ari.jpgAri Kalfayan during the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election. Photo copyright Matt Jojola.

Arsen "Ari" Kalfayan successfully ran for ASUCD Senate on the Student Focus slate in the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election. A native of San Carlos, California, Arsen Ari Kalfayan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with minors in Communication and Global and International Studies in 2006 from University of California at Davis.

Ari Kalfayan was the President of the Ski or Snowboard club (the largest social club on Campus) for the 2004-2005 school year. Kalfayan lost his bid for reelection to current SOS president, Kyle Ochenduzsko.

Ari Kalfayan regularly brought his laptop to ASUCD Senate meetings. This prompted a Senate bill that would prevent Kalfayan from using his laptop. The bill disallowed the use of laptops by Senators, and was passed 11-1, with Kalfayan the sole "No" vote.

Upon graduation, he began his career with Fisher Investments as an Account Executive. After serving in positions of increasing responsibility, in 2008, Kalfayan was promoted to the Institutional Group where he served as a Materials Production Associate.

In January 2009, Okko Grippando and Kalfayan co-founded Reason to Party, dedicated to fulfilling the financial needs of charities in the San Francisco Bay Area benefitting underserved populations.

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asucd07.jpgAri Kalfayan during an ASUCD Senate meeting.

Senators wrote a bill to keep Kalfayan from using his laptop. It passed 11-1, with Kalfayan voting "No.":

That is one sexy picture that you took Kris. Thank you all (wiki people) for the flattery, as I am very excited to have legislation written for me. If anyone actually wants to talk about the subject at hand, all you have to do is come talk to me or could even call me. If not, come watch as the bill comes up, because I promise to put on an excellent show. That’s why they call me the great entertainer. Signing out and cooling out!!! Ari Kalfayan

Id be happy to answer any questions you or any other wiki aficionado would have, provided I read my page (since I don't check up on the wiki very often.) If you would like to get a hold of me please email me at or call me at 5307501767.

I do believe sincerely that this subject is one of the most ridiculous things that the senate could address, yet to no ones surprise, this subject has been pushed to the forefront of legislation. I am very disappointed that people would focus their attention on a piece of legislation which is useless for the student population. If you have any question on the legitimacy of the lap top’s importance at senate meetings or my personal choice to use it, please contact me and I will be happy to discus this outlandish subject.

As for me and Rob, I have no problem with him as a person, nor as a senator. Although we might not vote together on certain subjects, I still respect his opinion and listen intently to his arguments.

I hope the wiki feeds off of this subject and we get another huge discussion page out of it because apparently I'm only here to serve for entertainment and controversy.

Quote from senate minutes:

This is a paraphrase of what I said at the senate meetings taken directly from the senate minutes which can be accesses from [WWW] from the April 21st minutes. I don't feel that what I said was outlandishly inappropriate but please do feel free to discuss this issue with me further and I do apologize for any miscommunications that occurred during the meeting or past incidents for that matter. Love you all. Ari Kalfayan

I want people to comment, but it hasnt happened since I actually adressed the issue! Come on wikisters, I want an open disscussion, I promise to make it fun!

Hey, Ari! Why not have an intern come to meetings and sit behind you with a laptop so that he can look anything up that you might need looked up if you need it so bad. (This is similar to the monkeys solution) —KenBloom

you know what ken, that is the first piece of constructive critisism ive heard and I thank you. I will talk to my new interns and see what we can muster up.

I think everyone who cares about ari's using a laptop during senate meetings, let alone writes about it, needs to get off the internet, get a life, maybe a shower, before you all die pathetic virgins!!!

To all those who opposed to laptop usage during senate meetings, the laptop reinstatement act of 2006 is up for discussion tonight. Introduced by Arsen Ari Kalfayan, this bill will change senate history. Hahahhaha!!! If this bill passes tonight, Ari will have won the war, and I for one am glad.

Yeah, Ari's bill failed...

This asshole spams my email every week or so. Maybe somebody should have cut off his laptop privileges earlier. Eat one, Ari.

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