Arroyo Neighborhood Association

President: To Be Filled
Vice President: Kyria Boundy-Mills
Secretary: Roslyn Schlenker
Treasurer: Sheryl Eberhardt
Regular Board Members
David Block
Val Dolcini
Bill Hughes
Lorraine Hwang
Joanne Merry

The Arroyo Neighborhood Association is one of several Neighborhood Associations in Davis.

The Arroyo Neigborhood Association includes the Evergreen Forest, West Park and Evergreen Meadows South or #4 developments. Going clockwise it is roughly bounded by and including (where appropriate) Santa Rosa, Crystal Grove, Hampton, Shasta, El Capitan, White Sands, Pinnacles, and back out to Shasta.

the above was taken from the website


They even have a [WWW]website

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