Aspen Village Apartments/Reviews Before 2009


These are reviews of Aspen Village Apartments prior to 2009. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2004-12-11 16:25:28   Aspen Village is really quiet. If you have nice speakers, you probably don't want to live here. The units are very nice, especially the upstairs apartments with vaulted ceilings. Pool, spa, and central clubhouse thing, plenty of washing machines. I had decent parking but also had a unit close to the street. - KenNeville

2005-08-13 00:17:10   Nice complex, affordable... but ant problem was huge and i hated management. Manager screwed my roommate out of her deposit and almost myself as well... also allowed future tenant access to apartment without her being on the lease yet. Huge hassle. —NinetteSantos

2006-03-07 01:07:55   I really really love living here and I think the managment is awesome. Very helpful with any problem that arises. I wouldnt live anywhere else in Davis —SarahSannebeck

2006-03-07 20:28:07   I've lived here, and my experience was pretty good. But its a long bike ride from campus, you might miss a few lectures. Having the greenbelt next to the place is nice for going on walks. I also agree about the ants, they were so bad I was buying caulk to plug up every last hole in my room, they were even coming in through the electrical outlets! Cabinets had lots of transit holes for future rodents. Good parking, though. —KarlMogel

2006-03-15 12:29:42   I love living here. My sister did too. Since it's near a body of water in the winter, it's usually warmer at night than campus. The apartments are wll insulated and the management is really cool. If you're being too loud they come about 10 and give you a friendly reminder. Have to agree with the ants. It can be bad if your on an end unit. Parking isn't bad. The place is spacious but don't try cramming 5 people in a three bedroom. Did that and it feels a little small. It's a nice 15 minute bike ride. I would highly consider moving back into aspen for my fourth year. The really nice thing is that it's affordable. —MarkMcDermott

2006-04-30 10:08:18   I loved living at Aspen Village. Management was great! Sherri always did her best to help with any apartment related issues. Maintenance was great too! They were always prompt in fixing the minor maintenance work my apt. unit required. The entire apt. complex was always well maintained with trimmed grass and bushes. There was plenty of light in the parking lot that I always felt safe walking to and from my apt. at night. The laundry facilities are clean as well. Overall, I had a great experience at Aspen Village Apts. too bad I'm leaving. —ChristineQuilala

2006-09-25 01:18:27   I lived there for two years. Sheri is really cool and super nice. Maintenence guy rules because he is fast and efficient and nice. But if you're roommates or you are always throwing parties or being loud, be wary of the other manager who wears a robe. We don't know her name so we refer to her as Roberta. Watch out for Roberta. She doesn't like loud noises. —ExtremeMancala

2007-03-01 12:01:01   I lived here for two years - once in a 2 br, and once in a 3br. Things we liked: Quiet, West Davis location, good parking. Things we did not like: Expensive units (trust me you can find way cheaper elsewhere with same amenities), screwed us on security deposit (we scrubbed, steam-vacced, even repainted a new looking place and they took more than half of our deposit - really scammed us. I wish I had read the tenant rights on this site and took them to small claims), continued mold problems in bathrooms of both apartments. These were positives and negatives here, but I suggest you look elsewhere. —JoelFin

2007-07-11 11:11:23   The managers are nice and they give you free cookies, but when it comes to the security deposit don't count on getting most of it back. Anyways the places are pretty nice, but sometimes it gets a little noisy depending on your neighbors. The rent is really expensive compared to most places unless you share your room. Be warned about the roommate system my friend got matched up with a jerk. You should find your own roommate so you can interview them first. Anyways over all this place is pretty decent if you have the $$. —JonathanLee

2007-09-24 13:22:44   I love living in Aspen Village. It is quiet and has very spacious bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. The laundry is nice and clean, and it has cute paintings on the walls. The location is good. It is close to parks so I can take my kid to play in there. The manager Sheri is nice and helpful. The maintenance is quick in fixing things. I will miss the time living there.

2008-01-19 22:56:36   Aspen Village was a great place. Apartments are spacious and well priced. Management is the fast with repairs, parking is ample. When we moved out we cleaned up real good and got all of our deposit back plus some interest. If I still went to UCD, this is the place where I would live. —DonovanSmith

2008-02-24 23:07:05   It is hard to hate a place that gives you donuts and cookies. In fact I'd say it's darn near impossible.

Nom nom nomming aside, Aspen Village is a wonderful place to live. It's quiet, the apartments are just the right size and the staff is incredibly friendly. Our garbage disposal was on the fritz and they replaced it in less than two days along with fixing up a few other household issues. I'm so glad I'm staying. —SamanthaA

2008-05-17 09:55:29   Wonderful residences, the management is top notch and couldn't be friendlier. Sure they have free cookies, donuts, pizza socials and recently cool drinks for the 100 degree weather, but they really shine when it comes to service. I've had several problems with ants and sink clogs, both of which were treated ASAP. The 3-bedroom apartment is the perfect size for 3 people, if not more room than you'd expect for such a good price. Most people seem to have complaints with the security deposit, I can't vouch either way for this (as I'm still living here), but the one thing I'll point out is that people who don't receive all their money back are the ones who will come back and complain about it (although one guy below received the full deposit plus interest). I wonder how many people receive most or all of their security deposit? Overall, it's a great place to live. —NickStrand

2008-09-07 23:22:22   I had a really good experience at Aspen Village. Repairs were done in a timely manner. At the end of our stay, Sheri was very straightforward about what needed to be cleaned up, and what we would be charged if certain things weren't cleaned. In the end we got most of our deposit back. What we didn't get back was a fair deduction, in my opinion.

For me the best thing about this place was the location next to the pond and the bike path. A slight drawback is that it doesn't have the local neighborhood supermarket any more. Ray's and Food Mart are no more. Closest is Safeway on Covell. —HiramJackson

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