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This page refers to the Astronomy Club at UC Davis. Perhaps you are looking for the Davis Astronomy Club at the Explorit Science Center?

Astronomy Club at UC Davis


The Astronomy Club at UC Davis loves to hold events to bring astronomy to the public. They have public viewings, star parties, and field trips to various cool places like the Lick Observatory and Mono Lake. It has been in existence for a very long time... Prior to the formation of SPAC. They can often be found looking up at the sky through telescopes on the top of the Physics building.

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Public Viewings

Public Viewings are times when knowledgeable members of the club break out the telescopes on the roof of Physics and show anyone who comes many wonderful things like galaxies, double stars, and nebulae. These viewings are open to everyone and are held on certain Fridays from 8 to 9 pm. There are "moon" nights where the moon is out, obscuring dimmer objects, so bright objects like double stars, the moon, and planets are shown. "Dark" nights are those without the moon and the objects focused on are deep sky objects generally invisible to the naked eye like galaxies and star clusters.

Movie Nights

Yes, some of the members of the Astronomy Club are, how shall we say it, nerds who like Science Fiction. Movie Nights are where we get together with snacks and watch SciFi movies on the relatively large screen of 55 Roessler Hall. Bring some popcorn and a blanket and join us starting at 8 pm.

Field Trips

Are when the Astronomy Club leaves Davis for some sort of Astronomy outing. Included are things like the UCO Lick Observatory Tour, Chabot Space and Science Center, and camping at Mono Lake. For more information, contact current president Andrea Nelson (


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