Audioversity in the Little Tomato


Audioversity in the Little Tomato (Six Decades of Music Associated with Davis, Ca) is the title of the mix CD given to some of the donors to the 2010 [WWW] fundraiser. It was created by Rob Roy, who also created the mix CDfor the 2006 Davis Wiki Fundraiser. It contains music from artists who are either from Davis, lived in Davis, or attended UC Davis.

The Mix CD can be heard for free at [WWW]

# Song Title Performer Year
1) Hidden Lands Thin White Rope 1990
2) Stacking Up Reasons Buildings Breeding 2009
3) Driving is Scary Spider Friends 2005
4) Bazooka Didley Squat 2007
5) The Velma Papers Lawsuit 1991
6) Inside a Building CHEIF Briggum 2007
7) Lady Don't Tek No Latyrx 1997
8) The Numbers Song dj Shadow 1996
9) We Got to Get Out of This Place Oxford Circle 1966
10) Talking Loud The Suspects 1979
11) Don't Break My Stuff Playboy Millionaires 2004
12) Horny Ghost Choadbot 2004
13) We're Not Waiting Zim-Zims 2003
14) She's a Diamond Opal 1987
15) Fav Ex Alice Choe 2007
16) Angry Children Katie Delwiche 2007
17) Mud Under My Feet Garrett Pierce 2008
18) Breathing Out Nat Lefkoff 2010
19) Broadway & Demonbreun Shayna and the Bulldog 2009
20) Wide Eyed Whispers Oh Foot 2008
21) Kicking Up Our Feet Rob Roy 2007
22) Cellophane Knapsack 1995
23) The Octopus is Gonna Get You Boss the Big Bit 2006
24) Long Way Home Brilliant Red Lights 2008
25) All That We Can See Sholi 2007
26) Gotham Xyphl 2010
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