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The Autism Awareness Association, founded in 2007, is a student organization at UC Davis that is dedicated to spreading knowledge about autism spectrum disorders. We are the first college student organization to promote education and awareness about autism spectrum disorders, and we accomplish this by working closely with the prestigious M.I.N.D. Institute in Sacramento and other organizations associated through the University of California, Davis and the surrounding community. Experts in the autism field often give short presentations at our general meetings to debunk some of the misconceptions of autism and other developmental disorders, such as researchers, teachers, and social workers. The Autism Awareness Association also offers connections to internships at the MIND Institute and participates in community service events, such as volunteering for the Special Olympics, which are just some of the opportunities for members to see how autism effects people in everyday life.



Co-President: Jules Walton <>
Co-President: Madelyn Arbios <>
Treasurer: Alex Bischak <>
Secretary: Madelyn Arbios <>
Publicity: Carly Schoch <> Kacey Osato <> Amy Leong <>

Co-Founders: Jay Lytton <>, Tanya Shtutman <>

Upcoming Events

Second Spring 2014 Meeting
Tuesday April 22nd we will be meeting at 7pm in Olson 151 to make posters for the Fun Run and go over final preparations before the big day! Look for an email that has a google doc where you can sign up to volunteer at the Fun Run. Also share the event with your friends so we can make this event a success!

3rd Annual Fun Run
Saturday April 26th we will be hosting the Fun Run again. The link is posted so you can begin signing up! [WWW] (If you just want to donate and not run, you can just think of your registration as counting as a donation, thanks!)

Spring CREAM Fundraiser
Sometime in April we will be having a fundraiser at CREAM! We will send out the flyer through the email listserve, and post it to the facebook page. Make sure to bring your friends!

Past Events


First Spring Quarter Meeting
Tuesday April 8th in Olson 141 at 7pm, we will have Mark Shen as our guest speaker. He is working on his PhD and specializes in cognitive neuroscience at the UCD MIND Institute. He recently just published an article based on the significant finding of extra axial fluid and its relation to autism.

Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign
We are teaming up with Team Davis and Best Buddies on Wednesday March 5th to table to spread the word to end the use of the R-word. We will be tabling at the Silo and MU all day so individuals can take the pledge to stop the harmful use of the R-word. There will also be stickers and games, so make sure to stop by!

Brain Awareness Week
The association will be supporting Brain Awareness Week by helping table at the Farmers Market on March 8th from 7am-1pm with the help of other devoted organizations. This is a great experience for those interested in research to talk to community members about their interest in autism and the technical side behind it.

Winter 2014 Meeting
Tuesday January 21st we watched and discussed a couple videos about Autism and society.

Autism Awareness at the MIND Thank You Party
At the end of the year, the MIND Institute holds a party for all of the families that participated in research throughout the year. This year the party was Space-themed and volunteers helped out with the decorations as well as monitored the bounce-houses. There were games and treats and volunteers socialized with children of all ages and their siblings or parents.

Fall 2013 Meeting
Tuesday October 8th at 7pm in Olson 146. Dr. David Amaral, a distinguished professor and Director of Research at the UC Davis MIND Institute will be coming to speak about Autism and his research.

Second Annual Fun Run 2013
The Fun Run was a success!! A big thank you to everyone that volunteered and came out to run. We were able to raise more than our goal to donate to Cornerstone Assisted Riding and Equitherapy located in Napa, California. We are looking forward to our next annual Fun Run and hope to raise even more funds for deserving organizations.

First General Meeting
We will be viewing a documentary about autism and relative events in the life of a young adult with autism. The meeting will be April 16th at 7pm in Olson 125.

Second General Meeting
We will be hearing from Dr. David Hessl about working with children with autism and the anxiety that they may feel. Dr. Hessl is a researcher at the MIND Institute with many years of experience working specifically with young children. The meeting will be held May 7th at 7pm in Olson 125.

Autism Awareness at the MIND Thank You Party
At the end of the year, the MIND Institute holds a party for all of the families that participated in research throughout the year. This year the party was Candyland-themed and volunteers helped out in areas such as the Gingerbread path or Sourpatch lane. There were games and treats and volunteers socialized with children of all ages and their siblings or parents.

Autism Awareness First Annual Fun Run
On May 26th, 2012, the Autism Awareness Association held its first of what it hopes to be many annual fun runs. This event was a fundraiser for the National Center for Equestrian Facilitated Therapy. The organization, located in Woodside, California is a hippotherapy facility dedicated to helping the lives of young children with severe developmental disorders, including those with high functioning autism. This therapy is considered one of the best therapies for children with autism as it not only strengthens the core when sitting and practices coordination, but it also allows children to develop a relationship with a passive animal and create a friendship, which may be intimidating for a child in a classroom setting. The event included a 1k and 5k run/walk and participants were rewarded with fruit, pizza, and a t-shirt. We donated over $600 to the organization that has done so much for so many families affected by autism. With such great results, we agreed to hold the event again and aspire to achieve even higher financial goals.


Special Olympics1.jpg Special Olympic Coaching
To volunteer for the special olympics, please contact Jules Walton at <>.

Swimming practices will start March 3rd. The competative team practices Sundays from 5-6pm at Arroyo Pool in West Davis and the beginners practice Sundays from 6-7:30pm at Swim America. Track practices will begin March 14th and will be Thursday evenings from 5-6pm at the Davis High School Track. Bocceball will begin March 16th and will practice Saturdays from 9:30-11am at El Marcero Country Club.

More information can be found at the Team Davis website: [WWW]

Storytime Through the Seasons: Under the Persian Oak
Autism Awareness members are encouraged to join the UC Davis Arboretum in reading stories and leading activities for local children, specifically children with special needs. This would be a great opportunity to work with children and their parents in a fun, low key setting. For more information, email Erin at


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2014-01-28 16:05:11   This club sounds really interesting! I just wish I had heard about it before! When/where is the next meeting? —chandru

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