Avni Patel



Avni Patel is a Sociology with an emphasis in Law and Society and Political Science double major with a minor in African American and African Studies minor.

Avni Patel was the Vice-Chair and Recorder for the External Affairs Commission. She is also currently serving as the Special Events Coordinator for the ASUCD Executive Office. Her current projects consist of hosting an ASUCD sponsored Canned Food Drive (Nov. 15-17th); she is also helping to coordinate a President's Forum, a chance for anyone to come and ask the ASUCD President questions, and/or make comments and suggestions. She was also the 2006-2007 campus organizer for Teach for America.

Avni was a Fall 2005 Senatorial Candidate for L.E.A.D..

And on a fun side note, she used to live in Hamm House in Fall of 2003, which was when she first started volunteering with L.E.A.D..

Candidate Statement

Hello to all my fellow Aggie readers
Listen to why we call ourselves L.E.A.D.ers:
Leadership, Empowerment, Activism and Determination
I'm running to help build up the future generation
To eliminate tensions between the city and UCD
Read this as a guide to why you should vote for AVNI.
I currently serve as the External Affairs Commission Vice Chair
We look over and pass only legislation that seems fair
As the Special Events Coordinator for the Executive Staff
I help plan and organize events on President Caliph's behalf
My freshman year I was one of Senator Darnell Holloway's interns
I went to senate meetings and learned how the senate governs.
Our slate is experienced and we have a solid platform
We are running as a progressive slate in hopes to reform
To better allocate the $9.2 million that ASUCD controls
Making sure the money is spent well is one of our goals.
Outreach to local high schools and create "shadow days"
To work with them and introduce them to our governing ways
Talk to local city businesses and look at the ASUCD budget
To see where a 24-hour student friendly coffee shop could fit.
This was just to give all you readers a little taste
To let you know voting for AVNI will not be a waste
Don't forget to tell your friends and your roommates
To place a #1 vote for AVNI and the rest of the LEAD slate!

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