Bulletin Board Systems, or BBSes were (and in a limited sense, still are) a way in which people with computers could communicate, usually locally, using a modem. They did not use the internet, but rather a direct modem connection, which allowed for a wide variety of (almost always) text based interfaces. They were popular in the 80s, and lingered in the 90s as the internet slowly took over their functions. During the transition in Davis, the Dixon BBS Internet gateway was used to access various Davis related internet tools, including usenet.

There are no BBSes still active in Davis, but there were. Here are some historic listings. Note that the original area code '916' is listed, as most Davis BBSes preceded the split of the 916 area code and expansion of the 530 area code.

Name Phone Number Software Years Active SysOp
Pete's Place 916-756-3761 ? ?
Sound Barrier 916-757-7856 ? ?
Black Horizons 916-75?-???? Renegade ~1994 Graham Freeman
Cygnus III 916-757-1840 Telegard ~1993 SkuzzBunny
Bold, Blue, & Bitchin' 916-75?-???? Renegade 1990s Mav'Rik
Compass Rose BBS 916-75?-???? ? 1990s ?
The nearest access BBS is in Sacramento.
Coconut Telegraph 916-366-3216 Wildcat 1995-? Mike Sommer

You could get some awesome games off the bulletin boards back in the day. Yay for shareware

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