BRIDGE: Pilipino/a Outreach and Retention Program



Student Community Center
Monday - Friday: 10 AM - 6 PM
(530) 754-6836

Angelica Singson, Student Director |
Neal Gutierrez, Administrative Director |
Michael Bolos, Gender & Sexuality Coordinator |
Dina Estipona, Retention Coordinator |
Jonathan Abel, High School Outreach Coordinator |
Jessica Page, High School Outreach Coordinator |
Robyn Huey, Community Mentorship Advocacy Coordinator |

Upcoming Events
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Bridge was created in 1990 because of the steadily decreasing number of Pilipinos pursuing a higher education on a yearly basis. Bridge began as a student-run Pilipino-targeted education service under UC Davis’ largest Pilipino organization, Mga Kapatid. However, in 1997, it broke off and became its own separate student organization in order to provide more services to the greater Pilipin@ community. In 1999, Bridge became a part of UCD’s Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) where six other culturally-based educational programs are housed, including Yika’l Kuyum, ACE, AIRR, GAAAP, Collective and SAFE.

The Goals of Bridge are to empower Pilipin@ students by:
-Outreaching to high school students to provide resources and mentorship in order to encourage them to pursue higher education.
-Providing academic and personal resources to students already in higher education towards the goal of graduation.
-Promoting cultural and community awareness.
-Increasing the recruitment and retention rate of Pilipin@ students at all levels of education.
-Striving for social justice and educational equity.

We realize there are many factors that contribute to the success or failure within the educational system. These factors are unique to the Pilipino community, which include early preparation, family support, feelings of isolation, pressures from parents to pursue popular fields of study, lack of cultural validation, and numerous other factors that mold a person’s life. The Pilipino culture is very complex and education is intertwined with our daily experiences. Our goal is to help empower students to transform this educational system and validate the complexity of the Pilipino culture through our services.

Looking for a great way to get involved in our community? Volunteer or intern with us! We offer units for Asian American Studies and a great forum to learn leadership skills and development, communication, and more! Visit [WWW] for applications!

High School Outreach & Community Mentorship encourages Pilipin@ and Pilipin@ American high school students in the Sacramento and northern Bay Area schools to pursue all forms of higher education.
- Includes bi-weekly high school visits to schools in the Vallejo and Sacramento area consisting of creative workshops covering academic, social, political and cultural issues.
- Workshops will also discuss and educate students about issues that are unique to the Pilipin@ community.
- They will empower students to become aware of cultural identity, develop leadership skills, and self-expression.

Get involved in outreach!
- Bi weekly high school visits to the Sacramento and Fairfield area.
- Filipino Empowerment Day alongside UC Berkeley’s PASS. Pilipin@ Youth Conference held in January.
- PYCnic Reunion in May!

Gender & Sexuality – Bridge strives to be a safe space for those who are Pilipin@ and queer-identified as well as their allies by providing culturally sensitive programs which deal with the intersections of these identities. Throughout the year, there will be various workshops, conferences, and even a film series aimed to served those who identify as LGBTQ* and to help others become even better allies to the LGBTQ* community. We also provide womyn empowerment and strive for gender equality.

Campus Retention & Community Development – Holistically empowers the Pilipin@ population at UC Davis to become active participants in the community while providing them with the tools necessary for academic success and graduation.

Get involved in retention!
- Pilipin@ Empowerment Conference
- Various workshops & socials throughout the year
- Bridge Brown Pages
- AP/SD support
- The Lounge: study halls offered in conjunction with all the programs in the SRRC
- Queer Pin@y Conference
- Queer People of Color Conference
- Weekly Queer Pin@y Support Group on Wednesdays
- Filipino American Heritage month

Previous Boards

Kristian Marie Ocampo, Student Director
Grace Santuya, Administrative Director
Alex Deng, Gender & Sexuality Coordinator
Dale Maglalang, Retention Coordinator
Valerie Poquiz, Community Mentorship Coordinator
Melissa Poquiz, High School Outreach Coordinator

Lauren Ilano, Student Director
Kristian Marie Ocampo, Admin
Dale Maglalang, Community Mentorship
Madel Soriano, High School Outreach
Christian Laparan & Jehn Rielle Caoile, Holistic Retention
Victoria Ng, Gender & Sexuality

Nicole Tomboc, Student Director
Christian Laparan, Admin
Geordee Mae Corpuz, Community Mentorship
Lauren Galapate, High School Outreach
Cristina Tolentino, Holistic Retention
Lauren Ilano, Gender & Sexuality

Stephen Dimal, Student Director
Patrice Martin, Administrative Director
Nicole Tomboc, High School Outreach/Community Mentorship Coordinator
Jaymar Elen, Holistic Retention Coordinator
Dia Alvites, Gender & Sexuality Coordinator

Angelica Leonardo, Student Director
Melaniy Santa Ana, Administrative Coordinator
Stephen Dimal, Retention Coordinator
Anthony Esposo, Gender and Sexuality Coordinator
Scott Espinosa, Community Outreach Coordinator
Randall Ruidera, High School Outreach Coordinator

Brian Ahhllan Celones Mac, Student Director
Regine Tolosa, Admin
Melaniy Santa Ana, High School Outreach Coordinator
Stephen Dimal, Community Mentorship
Ben L Gamutan, Transfer Outreach
Marlon Tingzon, Holistic Coordinator
Angelica Leonardo, Retention Coordinator
Reginald Fabian, Gender and Sexuality Coordinator

Alexander Jonathan Castro, Student Director
Karina Capulong, Admin
Leejay Abucayan, Community Mentorship
Brian Macapinlac, Holistic Coordinator
Marlon Tingzon, Retention Coordinator
Kaisey Paja, Gender and Sexuality Coordinator

SD-Kristina Peralta
High School Outreach: Karina Capulong and Alexander Jonathan Castro
Retention: Marie Tang
Transfer: Arcy Devera
Brian Ahhllan Celones Mac, Community Mentorship Coordinator
Audrey Musni, Holistic Coordinator
Donna Buenaventura, Gender and Sexuality Coordinator

Dale V. Mendoza, Student Director
Ginger Faustino, Admin
Kristina Peralta, High School Outreach Coordinator
Stephanie Alcid, Academic Outreach Coordinator
Leila Nazzareno, Transfer Coordinator
Alisa Quezon, Retention Coordinator
Daryl Paranada, Holistic Coordinator
Audrey Musni, Gender and Sexuality Coordinator

Armael Malinis, RROC Rep/Student Director
Maria X. Isip-Bautista, Admin Director
James Arcala, Outreach Coord. aka paper eater
Lailani Favor-DeGuzman, Outreach Coord. aka carabao hunter
Jihan Ejan, Retention Coordinator
Father-Brian Soliven, Transfer Coord.
Daniel Thorne, Comm. Mentorship Coord.
Andrew Medina, Peer Counseling Coordinator
Grace, Retention Coordinator

Ryan Macono, Student Director
Asha Padania, RROC Rep
Roxanne Vidal, Recruitment Coord.
Cresencia Illagan, Recruitment Coord.
Armael Malinis, Comm Mentorship Coord.
Mycel Jacobs, Admin Coord.

Aileen Guevarra Apostol, Board RROC Rep
Kathy Villaluz Guerrero, Director
Nikki Guinto, Admin
Stephen O. Aglubat, Retention
Claire Khangab & Ryan Macono, Outreach Coordinators
Alvin Rivera, Noemi Timogan, Andrea Ibarra-Tacdol, ?


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