B Street & 3rd Street Visioning



The City of Davis wants to [WWW]"revision" the neighborhood on the west side of the 3rd and B street intersection.

[WWW]There are three proposed options:

Alley Units


Mixed Use


At the end of April 2005 the City Council voted to conceptually support creation of a "Special Character District," and distinctive urban village along B and 3rd Streets (Vision 4) that would allow a mix of higher density two and three+ story attached housing forms and mixed use projects conducive to owner occupied, live/work units and creativity based occupations. City staff was asked to prepare the necessary planning amendments and environmental analysis to implement this vision. These include amendments to the Core Area Specific Plan, Downtown Davis and Traditional Residential Neighborhoods Design Guidelines, and Planned Development zone 2-86A.

Upcoming Opportunities to Give Input



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2006-08-31 13:06:11   It would be intersting to know how much rental unit prices will increase with this renovation. —JamesSchwab

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